The Flowers of St. Francis

The Flowers of St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi sends his followers into the world to spread God's word.

The film dramatizes about a dozen vignettes from the life of St. Francis and his early followers - starting with their return in the rain to Rivotorlo from Rome when the Pope blessed their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Flowers of St. Francis torrent reviews

Rolf J (de) wrote: Made with respect (or you might say dignity) for the matter and its subjects.

Michael D (br) wrote: terrible. there's a reason only 11 people went to see it when it opened in London. and the reason might not be bad publicity...

Don S (ca) wrote: An intimate look at the sexual awakenings of three young girls as they explore their feelings in both conventional and unconventional ways. There is nothing inordinately lewd here - only a slight bit of nudity - as the subject was handled deftly by the first time director, Celine Sciamma. Pauline Acquart does a tremendous job as the profoundly manipulated Marie; her love of Floriane was palpable.

Jason B (mx) wrote: Can you name this movie based on 2 lines of dialogue, by random characters (not main characters) and having never seen one second of it before??? I did. Ask Fish.

Cynthia M (kr) wrote: Intriguing look into another world and time. Beautiful production details, but it's not an actors' film - everything is shot wide and one feels detached from the characters.

Anthony S (us) wrote: Generic film-noir that I have a million times and also better. However, its still engrossing.

Brian W (ca) wrote: In some ways this is my favorite of the Thin Man movies. Which is weird because it does feature a couple stupid moments with the dog. But mainly, I think it's because it takes the Nick and Nora we've already met and puts them in a situation completely foreign to them: a small town. Specifically, Nick's home town where he has almost as bad a relationship with his father as he does with his in-laws. It is fun getting to see the sophisticated duo interact with the people of a town like Mayberry or Bedford Falls. And the murder-mystery is about as good as that in any of the other movies, if more light and friendly feeling with less seedy characters.

Jacob D (ag) wrote: Stupid movie, with bad writing and poor voice acting creates some of the dumbest memes ever... makes sense.

Cosmin I (mx) wrote: A great concept ruined by poor execution