The Fly II

The Fly II

Martin Brundle, born of the human/fly, is adopted by his father's place of employment (Bartok Inc.) while the employees simply wait for his mutant chromosomes to come out of their dormant state.

The almost human son of "The Fly" searches for a cure to his mutated genes while being monitored by a nefarious corporation that wish to continue his father's experiments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe C (ca) wrote: A big thank-you to the author for inviting us into his world where adolescent boys roamed free, and immaturity a given. It becomes funnier if you understand mandarin.

Jorge F (br) wrote: This film shows the real life monsters. I challenge you to look this movie at country house and see how it feels. Warning: If you dont like the spanish accent(joder, to, etc)maybe dont like the movie.

Lauren H (us) wrote: Not quite as good as the book (should have been more of Vern/RainMan) but still pretty funny.

Nicola W (br) wrote: An enjoyable film about a girl who learns to skate to help with the science of her physics project. She discovers she is good at it and gives up her dream if Havard to compete at skating.

Scott C (kr) wrote: I barely remember this, but know I've seen it. I remember not hating it, but it's not a good sign that I don't remember it, so it gets one star. I think my memory of it is overshadowed by 'The Fast and the Furious" and the superior motorcycle flick, 'Torque".

Black S (nl) wrote: Includes the Black Cavalry, Indians & Mexican participants commonly whitewashed out of Spanish-American War history; with John Milius at the helm (Dirty Harry, Dillinger, Red Dawn) you know "blood & thunder" action is going to be done right!. Tom Berenger's portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt, warts and all, is so well done you suspend disbelief after a few minutes. Cast is heavy with skilled experienced character acting stalwarts such as Illeana Douglas, Sam Elliot, R.Lee Ermey, George Hamilton, Chris Noth, Dale Dye, Gary Busey, Brian Keith, Geoffry Lewis, Marshall R. Teague, Brad Johnson, Rafael Castillo and many more are a delight to watch (If you blink you will miss an uncredited Ashton Kutcher also). Historically accurate setups with weapons, equipment, etc and the "muscular patriotism" of the era and dedicated Utopians, yet showing how the manly virtues were cynically used for the gain of egotistic frauds (Hamilton as Hearst being an obvious example), Milius gives a well rounded canvas with no lack of excellently staged combat scenarios. A "thinking man's" entry for aficionados of the "rugged all the way" genre of western flavored action films, this one delivers the goods in spades. Stirring musical score by veteran genius Elmer "Magnificent 7" Bernstein. For the record, I should note that as Teddy went to the top in politics, he downplayed his high praise for the Buffalo Soldiers given at the time of the war, reportedly to appease the southern (racist "dixe-crat") vote. A bit of dishonor from one who constantly claimed honor to be such a high virtue. One should also note a similar trend with "Black Jack" Pershing, also portrayed in the film, who made his career on the shoulders of regular army Black Troops, yet when he rose to become commanding general of the American Expeditionary force in World War 1, treated his Black units less than fairly to say the least.

Ryan A (ru) wrote: What I got to say about "Philadelphia" is that it's a hell of a good movie! "It's heartbreaking, very moving and engaging." The performances by the while cast is really excellent. "Tom Hanks gives such a powerful performance that you can't take your eyes on the screen. Also, Denzel Washington is outstanding." The directing by Jonathan Demme is really good. The screenplay by Ron Nyswaner is written so well. The cinematography is fine. Finally, the score is good. "I'm raving that "Philadelphia" is a must see movie for sure!


Chris Z (us) wrote: Abel Ferrara at his gritty best. This is straightforward Romeo & Juliet in NYC, caught in the middle of unstable conflict between Chinese and Italian gangs as Chinatown expands into previously Italian neighborhoods. Both boy and girl here have brothers who are among the younger generation of gangsters, frustrated with their elders, and who are torn between the desire to fight back, and the business orders to stop the bloodshed for the sake of money. Fantastically filmed, wonderfully constructed layered story of conflict between old and new, and between Chinese and Italian, with some of Ferrara's classic Catholic oddballs thrown in. This is classic gritty New York, and pure 1980s. It doesn't get much better than this!

Alex M (ag) wrote: This is how rom-coms should be made (although it does tailor quite heavily to the male market, hehe). Hilarious and crude. Doesn't pretend to be deep and majorly philisophical, but still got me thinking. Good stuff.

Shamus G (it) wrote: This very well may be the worst film I've ever seen and that's even when considering you only have one handful's worth of characters to even think about rooting for. The film goes out of its way repeatedly to disturb the viewer with grotesque vile with unlikeable characters that were intended to be unlikeable who go out of their way to rear their bigotry and borderline terrorism in your face. John Goodman's character is the most rational character in the bunch despite being very flawed and even self centered. He is even commended his such by other characters at the end of the film. The film's antagonists, primary and secondary unlike, know their actions are corrupt yet want Kyle Gallner's character to help and empathize with them. This all makes for a jumbled mess of a plot that is filled with jarring and creepy storylines that make no sense. To summate everything, this is a film you'd watch only because you did what I did and stumbled upon it without knowing exactly what it is, other than ascertaining based on the "horror" label next to it. After seeing it, you'll know it's a film that is impossible to like because it's impossible to understand.

Jalon H (it) wrote: An acceptable transformers film. Grade c+