The Flyboys

The Flyboys

Two boys from a small town find their courage tested when they accidentally stow away aboard an airplane owned by the mob...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:american,   bomb,   gun,  

Two boys from a small town find their courage tested when they accidentally stow away aboard an airplane owned by the mob. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gd G (ru) wrote: Unexpectedly Awesome

MF J (au) wrote: Ryan Gosling star in this incredible story about a man who supposedly killed his wife in 1982 but no one was ever able to find her or bring light to this very gloomy story. The film is excellent, the cast is beyond great and the director has been doing a good job avoiding some clich of the genre.

Zane T (au) wrote: Let's face it. John Ashcroft will go down in history as one of the worst U.S. Attorney General's ever, second to Alberto Gonzales. The people of Missouri didn't want Ashcroft. They elected a dead men, for crying out loud. So, Bush decides to shove Ashcroft and his over zealous ideas down our throat. I thought Monica Goodling was crazy, but she is nothing compared to U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan. Okay, so maybe they don't get the other side of the story, but ask yourself, are you safer because Tommy Chong spent nine months in prison for selling glass pipes. Not weed. Not drugs, but glass. Our tax dollars sent Tommy Chong to prison because the government didn't like a Canadian born hippie who actually was making money off the stoner concept. After seeing this documentary the other day, I'm glad I voted for Obama and not for John Bush McCain.

Jonny P (de) wrote: "Spanglish" is an unexpected drama from funnyman Adam Sandler. On the surface, it might look like a multicultural chick flick but the film has more layers than you might expect. The key is the well-written script that manages several interwoven conflicts without feeling cumbersome. The main conflicts require a lot of depth from Sandler, who proves to be excellent in his serious acting, but his quirkiness occasionally takes us out of the moment. A script this heavy requires comic relief (with great examples from Cloris Leachman throughout the film) but the "Happy Gilmore" passive aggressive dialogue delivery doesn't fit the character. The real winner in this film is the bond between mother and daughter. It is interesting because the trailers focus on the love story but the opening narration sets the expectation for the mother-daughter relationship to be the most important plot point. Paz Vega is a true treat to watch. Her feistiness is reminiscent of Penelope Cruz while maintaining her own unique identity. I wish that she had made a larger splash in the American film market. Ta Leoni plays the erratic, materialistic mother very well. I think that her performance is overlooked because we don't like her character, but that is because she plays this bratty character so perfectly that we forget that she is acting. My final takeaway is that "Spanglish" predicted the foodie trend in film and television that would appear a few years later. When I first saw this in theaters, the food aspect didn't leave any sort of impression; however, now that I watch it in the context of foodie culture, I can really appreciate each scene that involves gourmet cuisine. "Spanglish" is far from a comedy but too quirky to be a serious drama. As long as you are prepared for something in the middle, this movie will provide you with plenty of great ups and downs.

Kristina S (us) wrote: If Woody Allen doesn't understand why people don't like this film, I'll explain it to him.

Taylor B (nl) wrote: Well-acted, particularly by Dustin Hoffman, and entertaining... but pretty vanilla as far as grifter-flix go.

Dave A (es) wrote: Good flick. Great freakin' soundtrack. Highly entertaining indie comedy for the sexes.

Marcus W (br) wrote: Tries hard, only to overdo the schmaltz. Wes Craven should stick to horror...

Megalodon W (ru) wrote: One of the strangest movies i have ever seen concerning human emotion, but very good

Allan C (jp) wrote: Routine dead teenager slasher flick with Jennifer Love Hewitt once again being stalked by the evil version of the Gorton's Fisherman. The original wasn't all that good, but this quite inferior sequel really does make you appreciate Kevin Williamson's script on the original film since Williamson was not part of the sequel. The film does have a pretty cool supporting cast, and I'm not talking about Freddie Prinze Jr. and Brandy, but you do get Bill Cobbs, Jeffrey Combs Jennifer Esposito, John Hawkes, Red West and Jack Black in an uncredited appearance as Titus Telesco. Two stars for the supporting cast.

Sean L (nl) wrote: A big hearted, quick-tempo biopic with as many personality quirks and oddly-charming eccentricities as the subject himself. Ed Wood, widely regarded as the king of the pointless, meaningless, hacked-together nonsense picture (aka the worst director who ever lived), is both blessed and cursed to not comprehend the depths of his own awfulness. Forward he endlessly marches, procuring has-been celebrities and clueless investors through sheer force of will and personality, all in the quest to become the next Orson Welles. Which, of course, is like buying a can of bug spray and expecting it to serve as a dessert topping.Johnny Depp is a great, big, overinflated bag of optimistic energy in the title role, half carnival barker and half renaissance man, but he's overshadowed by a heartbreaking turn from Martin Landau as a struggling, drug-addicted, late-life Bela Lugosi who somehow gets wrapped up in Wood's little world. Landau won a surprising Best Supporting Actor award for this take, well-deserved as he projects all manner of emotion to an unsuspecting audience and towers over every scene in which he appears. Bill Murray is also fabulous in a very small, nearly-pointless role, which surely deserved further exploration. Alas, at just over two hours, there wasn't time to get to everything.One of Tim Burton's best, most restrained films, bubbling and churning with his own brand of black, twisted humor, but also much more controlled and traditional than his more definitive films (say, Beetlejuice or The Nightmare Before Christmas). Energetic, entertaining, funny and poignant and tolerant, it touches a whole lot of emotions with impressive delicacy, and its deep ruminations on acceptance remain particularly relevant in a modern setting.

Libby T (jp) wrote: This movie is awesome. It is a tearjerker in some areas though.

Curtis W (de) wrote: I'm sorry CB4, you as a decent movie, but pales in comparison to this movie, but when Ice Cold tried to kill Rico, and shot everyone else, I was on the floor dying laughing, and Taste T's gun calibration explanation.

Brett B (jp) wrote: Having just seen (and quite enjoyed) the film, I'm baffled by the acrimony some feel towards it. Another mixture of horror and comedy from director John Landis, I found the balance between the two genres to be perfect. The story is unique, the acting is good (Loggia and Rickles are on fire in this thing), and the gore - when used - packs an appropriate punch.

Ruth L (ag) wrote: One of the best tearjerkers of all time. Definitely one to watch with your mom.

Alessandro F (ca) wrote: In typical Wes Anderson fashion, 'Moonrise Kingdom' is a beautifully filmed and perfectly symmetrical fairytale. Characterization is amazing as usual, as well as the dialogues: utlimately, this movie manages to be entertraining, uplifting and funny .

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