The Flying Aircraft Carrier

The Flying Aircraft Carrier


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The Flying Aircraft Carrier torrent reviews

Marc B (es) wrote: Sneak preview, weggelopen. Wat ongelofelijk saai en oninteressant allemaal. En what's with crossing the axis all the time?

David S (fr) wrote: I don't know what it is, but Tilda Swinton was so attractive in this movie. She can be my rehab any day.

Ryan S (au) wrote: A great cop film. It is a simple story of two partners, but it feels quite realistic because of the way in which it is filmed with little Hollywood flair. Solid acting and great character development really make this one to see.

Simptica P (it) wrote: What I love about Kirikou: his power is simple, not super; it's the forceful logic of untainted intelligence, a knack for healing rather than revenge. A fresh break from superlatives heroes movies.

Mats B (ag) wrote: Was very sceptical about this movie, so thats probably why I found it quite entertaining. Its far from perfect and suffers a bit from pacing problems and some other quirks. Thankfully its a French production and not a Hollywood one; otherwise I am fairly sure it would have been an utter disaster. Also it doesnt take itself seriously and is quite silly all the way, just as you would expect of the comic really. The photography is very nice and I really enjoy French speaking cowboys. So if your up for some light-hearted entertainment, give it a shot!

Liam O (mx) wrote: I think I saw this in elementary school.

Chad B (us) wrote: An occasionally daffy yet highly ambitious meditation on the importance of life's seemingly smaller moments and the poignancy of choice.