The Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer

The CIA sends playboy Mike Trent to Alaska with agent Vee Langley, posing as his "nurse," to investigate flying saucer sightings. At first, installed in a hunting lodge, the two play in the wilderness. But then they sight a saucer. Investigating, our heroes clash with an inept gang of Soviet spies, also after the saucer secret.

Both the CIA and KGB investigate UFOs in Alaska: friend or foe? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kurt W (ag) wrote: This is a great movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon when you can't go fishing and your football team is on a bye. The acting isn't that great and most of the jokes are amusing at best. Billy Ray is decent as the heavy - I mean, he's easy to hate. The plot is basically the same as a million other movies where a guy has to rise to occasion to save his business/family. Tommy Boy is much better and funnier. But it's a movie about fishing, starring the blue collar comedy guy - what did you expect? Bill's acting isn't great, but he's likable and relatable. Way better than "Charlie the Lonesome Cougar."

Scott G (br) wrote: Oh hell yeah!!!! whooooooooowh

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Women singing songs we love to listen to displaying figures we'd love to multiply with - and harbouring feminine minds that terrify any man. Worth watching for the film too.

Bruno V (kr) wrote: Interesting and fine to follow , 3 possible solutions on a nuclear apocalypse , like the 3 versions .Seen again but with " The Philosophers" as the title !

Mohamed A (nl) wrote: Assassins starts as Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone) the absolute no. 1 hit-man in the entire world, no make that universe (all the hit men everywhere probably meet up once a year for a hit-man competition to find the best...) is hired by his shadowy mysterious boss to kill a bloke named Alan Branch (Steve Kahan) at a funeral. Unfortunately before Rath can make the hit another hit-man named Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas) shoots Branch, Rath decides he's had enough & wants to retire from the hit-man business. Rath teams up with computer surveillance expert Electra (Julianne Moore) & bribe his boss with a computer disk full of sensitive information, his boss doesn't like being bribed & calls in Miguel to assassinate Rath & get the disk...This American French co-production was co-produced & directed by Richard Donner & is an overlong bore of an action thriller. The script by Andy Wachowski his brother Larry & Brian Helgeland starts off pretty well to be fair to it but then descends into one of the most boring & drawn out finales I've ever seen set in a bank & rundown hotel. The action scenes lack any excitement, there are no fights or anything we haven't seen 100's of times before & even a potentially good car chase ends up being rather flat & dull. Then there's the so-called twist at the end about who Rath's boss is, I'm sorry but this is one of the most predictable & frankly bland twists in cinematic history & I can't believe that it would come as a great surprise to anyone. Having said that the rest of the film is predictable as well but that ending must have took all of 60 seconds to come up with. Then there's the annoying character's especially Electra who has an irritating fluffy cat for it's cuteness value, urgh. I didn't like it when I saw several years ago & I still don't like it having re-watched it again, not one of the better big budget action flicks from the 90's.Director Donner does nothing special, there's not much style or visual flair here & the action scenes have no life or excitement at all. Most of the action scenes involve people shooting at each other which just becomes dull, I mean Rath & Bain can shoot anyone with deadly accuracy but when they start firing at each other they lose their perfect aim very quickly. He even manages to ruin what could have been a cool car chase. The ending should also have been cut down to move along quicker as it feels like it goes on forever.With a supposed budget of about $50,000,000 Assassins deservedly tanked at the box office when Se7en (1995) murdered it there, it's well made with that Hollywood polish & has high production values though. Apparently the lead role was written for Sean Connery but he couldn't make it while both Michael Douglas & Arnold Schwarzenegger were also considered before it went to Stallone who after just making Jugde Dredd (1995) didn't need another big flop on his hands although the reported $20,000,000 he was paid to star in Assassins probably eased the pain a bit. Woody Harrelson & Tom Cruise were consider for the role of Miguel Bain before Christian Slater was offered it but turned it down & it eventually went to Banderas. I have to say I think the acting is poor especially from the ever annoying Julianne Moore & the frankly awful Stallone.Assassins is a bland totally forgettable & unexciting supposed action thriller that succeeds as neither, at one point Julianne Moore's character Electra says 'I just want my life back' & when Assassins had finished I knew exactly how she felt...

Michael M (jp) wrote: A lot of people will write this film off as it answers one of the biggest questions in the Hannibal mythos: why? I can understand how not knowing something can make it scarier, and if you want to retain that mystery, don't watch it. For those of us with an insatiable curiosity though, the answer they provide is about as satisfying as it possibly could be. It's a story of revenge, and I love a good revenge story. What separates this one from other revenge stories though is how it doesn't really celebrate the revenge. Sure we may be happy to see Hannibal kill off the people who wronged him, but the film makes a point to show us that these people have goodness in them still and many of them even have loving families that will miss them once Hannibal's done his thing. By the end, the film makes a point to show you that Hannibal's revenge has not satisfied his bloodlust, but instead turned him into a monster on a path he can never return from. I liked that a lot, and it's a refreshing departure from films that celebrate blood-stained vengeance. It can sometimes descend into a slasher movie, but generally it keeps the creepy tone the series is known for, and Gaspard Ulliel does a surprisingly good job as young Hannibal. Far from the best in the series, but still a worthy entry.