The Flying Scissors

The Flying Scissors

Comedy starring Mason Pettit, Matthew Arkin, Devin Ratray

An irreverent look inside the world of competitive "Rock, Paper, Scissors." Follow a stay-at-home Dad, a professional trash-talker and many others who vie for the title of champion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Flying Scissors torrent reviews

David B (it) wrote: This is no popcorn flick. This is a real movie. Set aside some time, sit back, pay attention, and enjoy a real treat

Sudhir P (ca) wrote: A movie with facts.. State and nation wide..Puri well drafted the movie and striking dialogues.. Daring attempt.. Created villain characters mixing -ve characteristics of every politician.. Not only state leaders.. Cornered media and voters and fans..Pawan got right movie which suits his attitude and ideas..Mmm if the telangana agitation is not in form.. This is a national integration movie..The agitations against the movie is one good example of politicians are changing the real meanings..Great attempt Puri n Pawan.. I wish people following Pawanism would understand the message..

Casey L (gb) wrote: weak story ridden with logic holes and subpar acting

Lucius M (kr) wrote: This movie was fun as a window into another culture that's so different than most of what we see in movies. No special effects, just a moving camera portraying the vastness of the steppes and how people have carved out a life their.

O S (es) wrote: Lame. Much lamer than it needed to be.