The Flying Serpent

The Flying Serpent

A demented archaeologist discovers a living, breathing serpent creature known to the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl and accidentally kills his wife by giving her one of the beast's feathers, causing the creature to track her down and slaughter her. Using this knowledge he exacts revenge upon his enemies by placing one of the feathers on his intended victim and letting the beast loose to wreak havoc.

The demented archaeologist Dr. Andrew Forbes (George Zucco) discovers a living, breathing serpent creature known to the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl (the Killer Bird God) and accidentally kills ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avi N (nl) wrote: Loved this movie - saw it twice. On different times, too!

Adam J (mx) wrote: Have a fantastic movie with a twist of the 80s. Completely underrated

Bhav T (it) wrote: very enjoyable to watch, great storytelling, entertaining yet typical storyline, but fun characters, good character development and great treatment.

Guillaume H (kr) wrote: A reshoot of ''Dominion'' commissionned by stupid producers, this one is technically more busy than the original, so more interesting for some, with good ideas, but its also often stupid, with writing and camerawork reeking of desperation to please. The most traveled road have been prioritized; jump scares, ominous sound design, random non sequiturs just to drop a horror tidbit, all blights that Dominion was free from. They switched the interesting lead actress, got rid of her complexity and replaced her with a langorous beauty who has to be the possessed so she can be shown sweating in a tight nightie. A central element to this prequel story is the possession of the african boy refered to in the Heretic; in this movie he is replaced by this blond bombshell. I see what the producers were aiming for but for once the public spoke and reminded them that dumbing things down is not always a good thing, so it makes a typical horror movie that gives some jumps but leaves no lasting impact. One last ''detail''; this one manages to be offensively racist and sexist, two things that Dominion actively opposed by its far more graceful characterisations. I give this 2.5 but what i mean is 2.7

Logan M (ru) wrote: An excellently filmed, acted, and told neo-noir, "The Conformist" forcefully evocates the threats fascism and conformity pose.

Mark S (it) wrote: An enjoyable if overly theatrical drama where Bette Davis plays a 'bad girl' to good effect. The novel this is based on won a Pulitzer Prize but in truth this film is more pulp fiction, in that it's quite sensationalistic in its histrionics. But despite that it's entertaining, showcasing the skills of both Davis and director John Huston.

Augustine H (de) wrote: An interesting mind game on the plane.

Marilena G (au) wrote: Good musical, very different than most musicals. The emphasis here is on the music and emotion, everything else is secondary.

Alex T (kr) wrote: A solid, and often entertaining road movie, lead superbly by a tremendous performance from Paul Giamatti.

David G (jp) wrote: Everything is awesome in this hilarious, zany paced family film with a surprisingly uncynical message.