The Food Guide to Love

The Food Guide to Love

A dysfunctional love story about an Irish food writer and a politically committed Spanish woman.

A very cute movie about a "want to stay single" very successful food critic that believes he finally finds the one he was looking for. As time of happiness moves on there are various real ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rich F (jp) wrote: not the greatest rock documentary (see Amy, 24 Hr Party People or Control) but a good look at Oasis's rise with great photography, behind scenes footage and a kickass soundtrack (as you'd expect)

Sandra G (fr) wrote: I discovered this movie last year in the Jameson Film Festival in Dublin. It was a wonderful surprise. I enjoyed every moment of the movie. It's a musical and it is a bit like Grease but with a historic background and a much deeper story. I like how they don't make everything perfect in the movie which makes it more real. Being a swing fan, I also enjoyed a lot the dancing scenes and the music.

Grami Tami N (mx) wrote: Very slow, quiet, drawn out, and ... boring.

Rawballs B (au) wrote: Super violent, hilarious and truly disgusting making it actually pretty cool...

Steven H (ru) wrote: Saw this for the first time last night. Great dialogue. Funny, Ive actual heard a lot of lines from this movie but from people who try to use it as their own ideals.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: good one from the other sergio

Alastair W (de) wrote: Lovely for a Sunday afternoon...makes you proud

Simon T (es) wrote: Slow-burning psychological thriller. Is labourer Curtis having a major breakdown or are his nightmares a real warning? Imagine Terrence Malick had written and directed 10 Cloverfield Lane and you'll get an idea of what Jeff Nichols has achieved. Excellent performances buttress a movie that rewards the viewer's patience.