The Forbidden Door

The Forbidden Door

A man discovers a boy is being abused and has to choose between saving him and losing his friends.

The life of a successful sculptor named is turned upside down when he began receiving mysterious messages from someone who asked for his help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel D (es) wrote: Um kra tem sua mulher sequestrada e precisa fazer umas merdas a bordo de um veculo, sendo que a proprietria lhe encontra e acaba entrando na furada... filme fraco com cenas de ao ruins..

Matthew M (es) wrote: One of those films with such a bland storyline of the undercover reporter trying to out a killer. I mean it was pretty boring.

Jorge D (mx) wrote: Excellent attempt to make a movie free of social obligations - so in vogue in Brazil - "2 Rabbits" is a worthy representative of the action genre that shrugs off an alleged realism in the name of fun, and the task of telling a story amazingly intricate.

Alexander Z (kr) wrote: A lot of movies get scored the lowest rating, but few truly deserve it. This is one that does.

Conrad T (us) wrote: Ben Affleck definitely showing his talent other than acting in this movie.

Dan H (ru) wrote: a true white knuckle ride into the world of motogp racing!!

Laura B (de) wrote: Way more than I expected. Funny as hell and moving too. This is more than just a "gay movie".

Paul J (fr) wrote: What an odd little film. After making Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, McNaughton collaborated with producer Martin Scorsese and delivered this gangster/comedy/love story. The result is hit and miss. The best thing about it is in its casting. Robert De Niro & Bill Murray reverse the stereotypes. Murray plays the gangster and De Niro plays the awkward, insecure introvert. Uma Thurman brings them together. Apparently, during filming, De Niro got mad at Murray and exclaimed, "Stop trying to be so funny all the time!" Murray took this to heart and his performance is the most interesting. He withdraws and purposefully acts "not funny." It totally works. Not surprisingly, his acting would improve immensely in his upcoming movies. It seems De Niro is a good teacher. That said, despite its great character moments, the story never fully comes together. It falters here and there and the plot seems contrived and awkward. Still, the supporting characters are great to watch as well. Especially, Caruso and Starr.

D M (au) wrote: A nerdy boy has a hot mom (Loni Anderson). He has a crush on Jennifer Love Heweitt, but is picked on my fellow students, his teachers and hand mother's creepy boyfriend. Lucklily he finds one of the monsters from Munchies, which is now family-friendly. He uses the monster's powers to enact revenage and harm to his enemies. But, he was a good enough to use the powers for good by getting himself pizza. Pretty horrible in every way, even with Dom DeLuise as the monster's voice.

Ian C (br) wrote: Screen legends David Carradine and Richard Roundtree are the cops given the impossible task of taking down a giant serpent who is going to Munchie City and New Yorkers are the buffet. The special effects are truly terrible and it is not as good as I remember it been when I saw it as a kid. Michael Moriaty is a right scumbag as Quinn. Plenty of evidence of Larry Cohen filming without a permit and despite Q looking like it was created by a three year old in arts and crafts class, he still turns out a good flick.

Jean Jacques T (it) wrote: Le meilleur film de boxeurs manchots et de guillotines volantes !Le doublage franais est une merveille d'interprtation et de syntaxe !

Mark W (ag) wrote: Sodding brilliant. still one of the funnyist movies of all time ever. all the sterotypes, really just good wholesome fun. something that doesent happen much with movies now days..

Alex B (us) wrote: Slapstick humor, pranks, and fart jokes: comic relief in a society in which everybody is trying to screw everybody else, in the living hell of bourgeois society.

Orlok W (au) wrote: Lively historical epic, slightly undone by a soppy romantic subplot--Cossacks vs Poles!!