The Foreigner

The Foreigner

A French special op suffers an existential crisis as he wanders New York City in search of a mission and the requisite connections.

European secret agent Max Menace arrives in New York City, waiting for his contact to tell him his assignment. He becomes entangled with an assortment of odd characters and situations, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarika S (mx) wrote: Though less realistic, it manages to capture a beautiful Grandfather-father-son relationship. Best performance of Sharman yet. The performance of Vidya in the song is outstanding. Good Comedy with special emphasis on honesty and the extent to which parents goes to fulfill their child's dream.

Matthew M (us) wrote: Its either goofy or scary depending on how you view it

Rangan R (au) wrote: Are ready to change yourself when you think you found your match!Written and directed by one of the famous Italian filmmaker, Giuseppe Tornatore. An English language film, Geoffrey Rush in the lead. It was about an aging art and antique auctioneer, Virgil. The story reveals his final days in his professional field where he meets a young woman who pursued him for her inherited antiques to put on auction. The woman is very mysterious, because of her medical condition and how they both become so close despite their initial meetings were disastrous is the remaining film to tell us with a twist in the final.It was an awesome storytelling. The screenplay was the top notch and the matching background score. Especially when the story ends and credits rolls up, all those memories from the film keeps us fresh with that music. The music won several awards for the film. I liked the story, but towards the end, I kind of predicted almost everything. That did not stop me, so I enjoyed it thoroughly. Particularly the theme of the film, which I think a bit fresh, and I liked the conclusion as well, but I feel it should have been different or more to it. The way it ended might disappoint some people, but still it is very smart.Everybody was good, but it was Geoffrey Rush, who stole the show with his stellar performance. Three years might be a little late, but it's never too late to watch a fine film like this. One of the best suspense films from the recent time, it is a must see, particularly if you are seeking a good entertainment. So I hope you watch it if you're not yet.8/10

Scott F (gb) wrote: Gripping and so very important!

Timm S (nl) wrote: Typically Predictable & Very VERY Bad...But I Was Trying To Work Out If It Was An 80s Period Piece?? Given They Watch VHS-Videos & Danced To Old-School Be-Bop @ 2am..No...No...Noooo!! Make It Stop!!!

David H (au) wrote: All my theater fans should like this - maybe even "Rudy" fans would like this movie - the critics are unkind, but we enjoyed this old movie. John Corbett gives a marvelous performance. I love the part where Patty Duke locks her son Sean Astin in the closet. Very cool disposition of the ashes, too. Thanks, Marsha - it didn't pass the "Anne" test, but to her credit, we did walk 9 miles in the morning.

Daniel C (nl) wrote: More funny than romantic.

Rudy A (gb) wrote: I first saw this when I was a kid, believe it or not. I didn't understand the movie, but I did understand it was about instant justice. It's pretty much a western in a contemporary setting.

Greg B (ca) wrote: Love Bronson but this movie is a little too silly to be believable. It's too hard to believe any real first lady would act like that, and the reason behind the plot to have her killed seemed a little far fetched.

Josefine L (it) wrote: Blev sugen p att se denna efter att jag sett Saving Mr Banks som jag tyckte vldigt mycket om. Men detta var inte s givande tycker jag, men svrt att bedma s lngt efter att den gjordes kanske.

wade s (jp) wrote: Enjoyable film from the era when Humphrey could only get roles playing hoods and psychotic gangster types. He performs the role well of course, but we all know he turned out to be capable of so much more. Leslie Howard is the lead in this film and turns in an admirable performance. It is certainly worth a watch, but not anywhere near the top of "must see" Humphrey Bogart films.

Jack D (fr) wrote: Scarface is a must see for fans of crime thrillers or if you like Al Pacino in general. Al Pacino is amazing! I love this movie! I would watch it over and over again!

Dejan Webbermitch W (ca) wrote: i like dat movies so powerfull !

kostas t (ru) wrote: oi tourkoi mpainoun dunata kai sto xwro tou kinimatografou-ena polu kalos Haluk

Bret L (de) wrote: A great action film. Good story improved by Bruce Willis's performance.

Reini U (us) wrote: A small charming nerd portrait who manages to win, but the drama around it is a bit too enforced and moralistic.