The Forest

The Forest

Set in the Aokigahara Forest, a real-life place in Japan where people go to end their lives. Against this backdrop, a young American woman comes in search of her twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared.

When her twin sister disappears in Japan's Aokigahara forest, where people go to end their lives, a young American named Sara becomes determined to find out what happened to her, only to confront supernatural terror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Forest torrent reviews

Alan T (ag) wrote: Average nowhere as good as the first one. Shame

PierLuigi F (ru) wrote: A touching documentary where several girls stories are narrated by famous (some just perfect) voices. Learn how few touch of heart can make the difference. Understand how LUCKY we are and let's help those who struggle to have a different future. A movie-doc that every girl should see.

Alexis R (fr) wrote: Alps Movie Review!This is a horrifically strange movie. This movie is purely absurd and just begs to question the sanity of the people involved. A movie about a four deranged individuals who help some family find closure by literally pretending to be their deceased family members.The acting, the visuals, and the voice acting is so rigid and stiff that it makes wood bend. I even had to walk out of this movie halfway done. I can't stand another minute of it. In short, I hated this movie. Hated, hated, hated it.0 out of 10.

David L (ru) wrote: After 22 minutes this film is perfectly poised: the cardinals have chosen an unknown to be the new Pope and as he is due to step out on the balcony of St Pauls to greet the adoring crowds, he decides he can't deal with the pressure. From this moment on the film loses its way very badly. The main challenge is that we know nothing about the new Pope and don't really care about him. The Vatican calls in a leading psychologist to examine the reluctant Pope-to-be and he decides to spice things up by arranging a volleyball tournament between the various cardinals. The director then decides he is Fellini and the film makes less and less sense as we progress tortuously towards the end. This was a big missed opportunity.

Ron H (es) wrote: This is a very good movie and meaningful to all Americans. A must see.

Justin D (de) wrote: being a huge wrestling fan for my entire life , I probably have been very biased when it comes to this movie. I have always loved it since day one and I watch it more than almost any movie that I own. one of the only movies that I absolutely love and the critics hate lol. I'm sure thrlughttout the years it has gained a cult like following with wrestling fans like myself. it also has the ability to make fun of itself which also makes this movie fun to watch.

Renee B (kr) wrote: This is such a good movie. It makes me cry though.

Poul F (gb) wrote: Another dumb action flick starring a brute for a hero. I may go as far to say its the best Lundgren film i've seen but thats not saying much.

Josh M (gb) wrote: The hell did this come from?

Sebastin M (ru) wrote: Como secuela de "In The Heat Of The Night" hmmmm como que no me gusta demasiado, pero la pelcula es buena, con Sidney Poitier nuevamente lucindose como el detective ms inteligente de la pantalla grande. Tambin hay que destacar la genial banda sonora a cargo del genio musical Quincy Jones!!! la msica en esta pelcual es importantsima porque la hace an ms interesante de ver ya que le da otro sabor a las escenas!.

sophia e (de) wrote: doris nd jimmy are great in this. nd its got great songs nd a good story xx

JeanAntoine B (br) wrote: Weird but great ending.

Brad S (kr) wrote: Great cast including a couple Oscar winners in this B-movie...and it's pretty entertaining despite its flaws. Not much to the story but it moves along well enough. if you like sci-fi stuff, give it a try.