The Forsaken Land

The Forsaken Land


The Forsaken Land (Sinhala: Sulanga Enu Pinisa) is a 2005 Sri Lankan drama film directed by Vimukthi Jayasundara. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Caméra d'Or . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gregory M (br) wrote: This is so sweet,so beautifully delivered and such a nice coming-of-age story.With a very specific and very delicate plot,it made me feel uncomfortable in many ways.I have watched the short movie that was the predecessor of this story and in way I felt like watching the same story with more details.I didn't know what to expect.Perhaps I thought this will be a sequel but now I'm really glad I got to see a full picture.This is a heart-warming movie.Not a great one but definitely a good one.

Tom G (ag) wrote: Sensational. It gets better with every viewing and it has held up exceptionally well over the years.

Ashley C (kr) wrote: this movie is great and has a very quirky sense of humor. i checked it out from t he library because the title caught my eye, and i saw a hookah on the cover. i didn't expect it to be good at all, but i LOVED it!

John A (br) wrote: Director Frank Henenlotter, Took Eight Years To Present This Sequel To His Cult Horror Film, "Basket Case". The Events Pick Up Immediately Where The First Film Left Off. This Film Follows The Bradley Twins, As They Are Taken In By Granny Ruth (Annie Ross), With The Local Press Hot On Their Tail. This Film Once Again Features Some Bad Acting, And Cheesy Effects & Plenty Of Gore. Although The Body Count Isn't As High As The First Film. This Is Equally Entertaining, Although The Plot Is A Bit Dumber.

Ginger Joe T (ca) wrote: Have seen it and I love it to bits

Courtney S (br) wrote: Pretty crazy movie. It was enjoyable, but problematic in its racial representations. Everyone seemed to be smiling ALL the time, especially Ethel Waters, even when singing. It felt like they were maintaining a relentless creepy happiness and that this was to not scare off white people, by holding to the "happy darkie" stereotype that African Americans are always happy.

Hala B (es) wrote: But Steve Zahn you know.

James H (us) wrote: Excellent direction by John Boorman makes this an exceptional film. Charlie Boorman's very convincing portrayal also boosts the film. Fascinating look at tribal culture in the Amazon basin, beutifully photographed and a memorable score. Very well done in all ways.

Dustin D (us) wrote: Even without any real plot, MASH (I refuse to put the asterisks between the letters) is entertaining and funny because it appeals to the cynical, petty, but human side of us.

O S (ca) wrote: Old Movie, and very slow. it was nice to see NYC 60 years ago.

Charles Austin M (jp) wrote: Annoying, mouthy female characters and painfully slow pace, and someone reminding us that "this is war" every five minutes of the film. Because, without the reminder, we would never guess, right?