The Foursome

The Foursome

Four old friends reconnect at their 20-year college reunion.

Four old friends reconnect at their 20-year college reunion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric A (jp) wrote: A film at crossroads. The desperation of British students and the awkward ways of a Buthanese tulku-cum-director. The ways of the Guru are unfathomable... to the disciple.

Ajay T (jp) wrote: challenging..But important

Jamie B (gb) wrote: While the film is undeniably dark and tragic, there is also something strangely beautiful and pure in this love story.

Private U (kr) wrote: i wasted 88 minutes of my life...and i want them back...oh i'll probably just waste them again anyways. i cant believe some people gave this movie 5 stars. i get it. ha-ha.

Robert G (ru) wrote: Most reviews I have read on this movie say this is just a cheap rip off of Invasion of the Body snatchers. I have not seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers and to me the movie was at least entreating. Kind of dumb, but watchable. Kidman was hot, which is a bonus... If I can make a bad off color joke. I would invade her body's snatch. lol

Lisa M (ca) wrote: a twist on the classic fairytale with some jerry lewis comedy thrown in

Pam Y (us) wrote: Watched this with all ages of our family, from age 10 to age 70. Ava Gardner is gorgeous, the costumes are stunning, yet Robert Taylor delivers his lines like he is Sam Spade narrating classic film noir. You'll find lots of old film giggles, like when the falcon Lancelot is carrying on horseback falls over in a taxidermy-stiff faint in the long shots, but miraculously comes to life in the close shots. My favorite part was the "pillow fight" during the jousting match. After all the jousting and sword fighting, all the knights have a great time hitting each other with some sort of pillow-like soft objects, knocking each other off horses until there was only one remaining on horseback. The general consensus in our viewing group was that all world conflict should be solved in this fashion. One big pillow fight and whoever is left standing wins. Works for me!So, while we laughed at the dated and anachronistic silly things in the movie, we thoroughly enjoyed watching it again.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: Apart from Streep's performance, nothing else works in this terrible, disjointed mess of a biopic that is so badly written and directed, full of illogical narrative elements (the schizophrenia thing is unbelievable) and trying hard to soften the image of the character in an entirely artificial way.