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The FP

Two rival gangs fight for control of Frazier Park -- a deadly arena in competitive dance-fight video game "Beat-Beat Revolution."

In a post apocalyptic future, two rival gangs fight for control of Frazier Park by playing "Beat Beat Revelation", a deadly version of Dance, Dance, Revolution(TM). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (au) wrote: While Alex(Jess Weixler) is rehearsing for a play, her husband Eliott(Justin Rice) is on tour with his band. Jamie(Barlow Jacobs), a fellow actor in the play originally from Tennessee, needs a place to stay , so she offers him one of their couches. It is there that he comes to the attention of Alex's sister, Hellen(Amy Seimetz), a photographer. So much so, that he gets invited along to clothes shopping with the sisters. "Alexander the Last" is a soulful and sensual exploration of the conflict between the creative and personal lives of artists. While it might be easy to go with the whole reality versus fiction dichotomy, I think a better route would be a permanent versus temporary contrast.(That having been said, there is a bravura sequence where director-editor Joe Swanberg cuts back and forth between Alex and Jamie rehearsing a sex scene and Jamie and Hellen having sex.) Whereas marriage is expected to be permanent, a play's run or a band's tour is only for so long, before returning home to somebody special. After each project is completed, the artist moves on to the next project with a different set of collaborators. I think that's why marriages started while working on a film or television series never seem to last, no matter how intense the initial feelings.

Alexander E (au) wrote: I could't wait for it to be over.

Mark N (gb) wrote: Fast cars, criminals and whinny underprivileged teenagers with problems are nothing new but forget to put in the crime, the car chases, bare chests, relatable problems or impetus and you get a teenagers tv movie minus any element worth watching. I cant imagine its a fun time even for the target audience as the budget precludes everything the genre is expected to deliver.

Nicole P (us) wrote: Well-written movie, Alec Baldwin was fantastic in his role.

Noah S (us) wrote: Well, we all know Sean. In fact there are so many Seans in this world that you begin to wonder ... Johnny Rebel is pretty familiar too

Darwin K (au) wrote: gritty & moving film from an overlooked director.

Randy S (us) wrote: Okay, despite the mediocre reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed the picture. Some viewers have difficulty setting aside the plot device of the adulterous affair, but what I saw was a story of two people who genuinely liked each other and then grew an inseparable love over the course of a generation together. The dialogue is moving, the drama gripping, and the character growth compelling. There's plenty of humor mixed in, as well, which for me adds up to an extremely satisfying exploration into the joys, the sadness, and the ultimate point of letting our guard down and genuinely relating.

Becca F (au) wrote: Delightful comedy that reveals the couple at their comic best. If you like this film, you're sure to like the novel, Dog Handling by Clare Naylor!

Nik B (es) wrote: One of two movies with a shirtless William Holden on the poster. This one has the benefit of including Jennifer Jones on it, whom I have loved for a long time. She plays a Chinese-English nurse in Hong Kong. And because no one can think of an original reason why an American would be in Hong Kong, he's a reporter (military would have also have been possible.) Now, ten years have passed since I saw Miss Jones, but she looks positively old. Maybe its just that she was miserable acting with Holden. There's no rapport between them. And there really is nothing of value in this story. Strong, independent widow starts seeing suave playboy reporter. He falls in love. She keeps her distance. When she returns to China, he follows, but her Chinese family doesn't approve of foreigners. So they cut her off and let her go. 5 minutes. done. Then he tries to get a divorce. 5 minutes. done. The rest of the movie is sitting around, reading letters and waiting for the other to get back from work. In one cheeseball scene that was clearly shooting for sexy- they touch the tips of their cigarettes to pass the light on. Like a carcinogenic Lady & the Tramp. Barely romantic and often dull. The shots of Hong Kong were nice, but not enough to recommend.

Jesse R (it) wrote: Another funny flick by the duo of Abbott and Costello. My favorite scenes were the boxing scenes. Too funny.

Duncan S (kr) wrote: A wide array of european actors struggle with this Spanish Inquisition melodrama that is almost impossible to make hed or tail of. Lambert still cant act, Blessed is still so far over the top he's half way down the other side and well before the end you will have given up caring about the ridiculous story

David B (mx) wrote: People forget that this is based on (or a least minor) adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel. So it does feel that's something's missing in this film that's not to say it isn't any good, it's actually a great film. Quentin Tarantino's third film is full of great performances, some good edgy drama and some wit, that fact that this isn't his own "design" was disappointing but he still directs with energy and at times engaging. Tarantino has once again defied the critics and produced a movie that solidly establishes him as still the most important filmmaker of the decade. It maybe a film he didn't write but he's still one of the best directors around and still adds that touch of humour to it.

Fernando B (br) wrote: It's almost unbelievable that I expand my time with this ... The most male chauvinist than I ever saw. The protagonist is a woman without any self love. She make sex with any douchebag. Even with guys who just want use her. Please! Girls, it's your body, so, go make sex not to find a man or anything else, but coz you wanna have some pleasure: yes you have this right. If any this type appear in your life, pass to the next. You deserve a real man, not anyone who put beneath you.

Juanita J (fr) wrote: I saw Judy Geeson on the Gilmore Girls. Fun. Great movie.

Rodrigo D (ru) wrote: Just amazing, I love Jamie Bell he is an excellent actor.