The Freshest Kids

The Freshest Kids

From the Boogie Down Bronx and beyond, the history of the B-Boy.

From the Boogie Down Bronx and beyond, the history of the B-Boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KingDoge G (gb) wrote: Really bad. Just simply really bad.

Joshua S (gb) wrote: Good concept, bad execution. We all know the human cost of the Nazis. Bits of that shown here with warehouses full of stolen Jewish funiture, clothes, gold teeth, and gold rings/jewery. This movie portrays the cultural costs of the Nazis luckily many of these priceless items were recovered. I'd skip the movie and read the book.

Tim P (es) wrote: I do like a courtroom drama.

The Movie W (ag) wrote: If you've ever been in a relationship with a working female you've probably heard something along the lines of "that bitch is out to get me" from your partner. In 'Love Crime', the "bitch" in question is Thomas, a cold-hearted executive who manipulates her latest underling, Sagnier, a young assistant who seems to hero worship her boss, at least at the outset. Sagnier throws herself into her work, only for Thomas to steal the credit and claim the ideas as her own. On the advice of a smitten male co-worker, Sagnier decides to go behind Thomas' back with her latest project, impressing the Washington office but igniting a new level of fury from Thomas whose chances of a transfer to New York have now been scuppered. Thomas' workplace intimidation now reaches new levels, culminating in her sleeping with Sagnier's lover and showing footage of Sagnier's hysterical reaction to an uncomfortable office party audience. Given this final straw, Sagnier decides it is time to break this camel's back. 'Love Crime' was originally released in it's native France back in 2010, long enough ago for an American remake to have already been completed. No doubt it's due to this remake, Brian De Palma's upcoming 'Passion', that Corneau's thriller is finally receiving a limited release in English speaking territories. It's one of those rare movies which could benefit from a remake and it will be interesting to see if De Palma can give it a more cinematic feel. Corneau's original is at it's best in it's first, more dramatic, half, essentially a two-hander between it's female leads. When the thriller element kicks in, Corneau struggles to present the plot in an engaging way. Thomas is on fire here, playing a female twist on Kevin Spacey's Hollywood exec from 'Swimming With Sharks'. Actresses are increasingly finding themselves cast aside upon reaching middle age, struggling to find a good role. Some have chosen to enter the world of TV where roles for older women have always been far more plentiful. Thomas has taken advantage of her fluency in the French language to reinvent herself and she's reaping the rewards. Corneau has given her probably her greatest performance with a role that seems purposely written for her. We saw a glimpse of her playing this kind of bitchy character in last year's 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' and here she essentially plays a similar role but with the comedy removed. When a male character confesses to being afraid of her, you genuinely believe him. Unfortunately she doesn't get half as much screen time as the less interesting Sagnier and the movie suffers greatly for this. Corneau's film is half workplace drama, half 'Columbo' episode. The former is riveting, the latter not so much. For thriller aficionados only.

Kevin M (kr) wrote: 1) There are no "Undead" in this flick. 2) There is also no "Rise of the dead". The dead people pretty much stay that way. 3) It's funny to me when more thought and money was put into the DVD packaging than the film itself. 4) At the end of this film, the lead actress fucks the spirit of the deceased baby she gave up for adoption years ago out of her possessed boyfriends body.

Tim M (mx) wrote: I haven't seen a zombie movie like this before. It's just two guys surviving. Pretty tedious, but great direction.

Prashanth G (mx) wrote: Amazing Romantic Comdey

Larry R B (nl) wrote: It was ok. It was very predictable, I saw the ending coming!!

Mark W (jp) wrote: Moving but ultimately sad PBS documentary about a now grown-up mixed race (American-Vietnamese) woman who returns to Vietnam to meet the mother who gave her up during 'Operation Babylift' in the mid 1970's. The obvious cultural differences rage havoc as Heidi tries to bridge the gulf with her Vietnamese family and search for some sort of closure.

Juli N (it) wrote: Describing this film as being Sick, Twisted, and Disturbing would be an understatement!

Bruce C (jp) wrote: Irish or not you get involved in the story

Gwen W (gb) wrote: um...whoa dude...whoa. one of the weirder docs i've ever seen, and be warned-- a FAR bleaker film than the bright cover and title would imply. there was no real plot of trajectory to this film, just strategically juxtaposed clips that hint at the emotionally desperate humans' fraught relationship with their pets; hovering between sadism or bestiality but never quite touching either.

ariane l (mx) wrote: J'aime le Brsil grce toi...

Eric B (us) wrote: Thank you for being you Ed O'neill. This movie made me laugh my [email protected]! off when i was a kid and it's even funnier now.

Lady D (de) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

David L (it) wrote: Even though the characterization isn't great and the music is overwhelming, Black Orpheus is still such a strong, really memorable experience and a film that benefits from some great technical aspects, superb direction, an infectious, palpable energy, some moving small moments and a breathtaking ending. But it is above all a unique, intriguing mix of modern Brazil and Greek mythology and it's largely a successful, admirable experiment.

Royal M (br) wrote: The subject matter isn't new and it probably works better for a younger audience. but I thought it was pretty funny and the story was solid. There were many subtle jokes where I found myself laughing at things, that the rest of the audience might not have caught and vice versa. My only complaint was some of the acting was a lil' "stiff", but still a good job overall for a new director and inexperienced actors.

Steven B (us) wrote: I enjoyed a different take on a zombie film like this. It shows the politics of the situation quite well such as activism for the civil rights of the Returned vs public safety and seems to allude toward real-world HIV/AIDS carriers in that manner. This is not a traditional zombie movie. The few zombie scenes there are are meant for symbolism which is done well too. Some characters decisions in the plot seem farfetched; despite this, the movie still makes for a good watch.