The Frost

The Frost

A couple's marriage falls apart after the death of their son. Based on Henrik Ibsen's "Little Eyolf"

A couple's marriage falls apart after the death of their son. Based on Henrik Ibsen's "Little Eyolf". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike E (kr) wrote: want to sit down and watch a great movie with the kids on netflix? this is it.

Chris D (mx) wrote: This nauseating chaos of hand held dizziness is not only stressful to watch, but to witness the decisions made by these people is a true exercise in human stupidity...what's worse, you never get to see the rapturous monster until the last second of the film, and that final twist is highly misjudged.

Alice (us) wrote: Well, I'm not one of them lol.

Francisco S (es) wrote: Stupid and illogical, weak argument and to much predictable to be a great horror movie. The great cast cast and the funny scenes can't help this total disaster.

Kevin G (us) wrote: Fun movie, good cameo by Matthew McConaughey as a drunk car salesmen.

Joe A (it) wrote: Not sure why John Carpenter signed on to this lame Chevy Chase sci-fi/comedy but, it ranks as one of his worst flicks and joins the pile of Chase's underwhelming film ouvre. Problem is, the film can't decide wheather to be a drama or comedy and, either way, Chase is miscast as the role appears to be a lot more serious then he can handle. The film noir-ish narration Chase provides also falls flat. The usually top notch Sam Neil makes a ho hum villain and Darryl Hannah is underused as Chase's love interest. The invisible man cliche's fly fast and furious and modern (at the time) digital FX don't really make them any more interesting or amusing. Carpenter's direction seems to indicate a lack of any real interest in the material with only the shot framing being any indication he worked on the project at all. And even Shirley Walker's music score is unremarkable and forgettable. Ironic that a film dealing with invisiblity has nothing worth seeing it for.

Charles H (ca) wrote: This film is a really outstanding portrait of British society in the early 90's, from top to bottom. The script is riveting and the acting is flawless. The only thing that seemed a bit overdone was the forced catharsis of two xenophobic ancillary characters. Other than that, however, "Beautiful People is brilliant.

Golia K (kr) wrote: An intense, challenging and complex experimental psychological drama

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Entertaining movie, with the great Walter Matthau--Crops And Robbers!!

Ernesto M (us) wrote: I love this movie. The fight scenes hold up very well and it has a great story!

Logan M (us) wrote: If you were to rank all the biopics to win Best Picture, this one would be somewhere in the middle. It's OK, I guess.

Josh R (gb) wrote: *MINOR SPOILERS*Welcome to Me has a 70% on the tomatometer. To me, that's f*cking ridiculous. Ok, let me just start out by saying that Welcome to Me is an extremely incorrect, rude, and offensive portrayal of people that have BPD. I usually love Kristen Wiig, but because of how badly she portrays the people with the disorder, her character is very unlikable. I mean sure, there's some funny dialogue, but does it save the film? Hell no! This film cannot decide what it wants to be, a comedy or a drama. Movies like this should balance both genres perfectly, and this absolutely does not. The mood is all over the place and if people plan on seeing this without knowing what Borderline Personality Disorder is then DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Also, there's no way that the plot for this movie could ever happen. I mean, maybe at first if this talk show would go well, but it doesn't go well which makes this film more and more less believable. The way this film makes it look, people might think that people who have BPD are crazy and insane. I've talked to people who have BPD and they are absolutely not like this. Some of them even saw the film and were very offended by it. Plus, just because you put Kristen Wiig in a film, doesn't mean it has to try and be funny. There's two crude and raunchy sexual scenes that felt better in a comedy like Ted for example. I don't want to get into detail, but let me just say this, in these two scenes, Kristen Wiig has sex with one guy who is basically her boyfriend, and then in the next scene, basically forces another guy (while still in a relationship) to get a blowjob from her (which he does). This made me like her character even less, cause it made her look bad. Plus, her bf never finds out for the whole entire film. This might have worked if it was used in a totally different film with the right characters, but in this film its a totally wrong move. There's even some scenes in Welcome to Me, that you just can't tell if they are supposed to be funny or not. There's this one moment between Alice (Kristen Wiig) and her best friend. The film tried to make this scene very serious and emotional as her friend is telling her what a terrible friend she is. The reasons are A. She was bragging about her show a lot and B. She never helped her when she needed help because of her show. As I was watching this scene I was thinking "Give her a f*cking break, she has BPD!" That's not what the film was trying to make you feel, and then when I started thinking even more I was thinking "If your character was more believable, I might have felt bad for you Kristen. But you wrecked this, and I honestly don't give a sh*t about your character and this film."Grade: D