The Frozen Limits

The Frozen Limits

The Crazy Gang join the 1898 gold rush. Unfortunately it's now 1939 and they're a bit late.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1939
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   gold,   gold rush,  

The Crazy Gang join the 1898 gold rush. Unfortunately it's now 1939 and they're a bit late. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon O (jp) wrote: Both the beginning and the end of The Girl with All the Gifts are gifts in and of themselves, filled with claustrophobia, intrigue, and clever world-building. In between those points, it expands farther and loses some of those strengths, but still remains a skillful and compelling venture. While the narrative is refreshing in its novelty, the writing does tend to fumble around a little in terms of plot and character choices, as well as "helpful" exposition that could've been cut down on for a more enigmatic viewing experience. The performances are convincing and good, especially the lead girl who evokes horror and magnetism. All things considered, we've be given something that's hard to find -- a fresh and proficient zombie flick.

WS W (ag) wrote: Predictable, stereotypical from the same genre, plus melodramatic. Ernest though.

David L (de) wrote: It's one thing for a movie to be just plain bad from beginning to end; in the case of "The Last Seven," a promising twist ending truly makes me wish that there had been more to what came before it. This isn't bad; this is even more disappointing.

Frank N (br) wrote: On paper this must have looked like a hilarious movie with all the right ingredients. How cruel reality turned out to be. Only Corddry amuses as the sarcastic principal.

MariePier D (br) wrote: No, no, no... I didn't even understand the end of the film... Jiu-Jitsu, what a great thing! No, I'm joking! To like a movie like this, I need a really good story, but there's none of that in this film...Dsol mais non... Je n'ai mme pas compris la fin du film. Jiu-Jitsu, quel beau sport! Haha, je blague. Pour apprcier un film comme celui-l, j'ai besoin d'une bonne histoire, mais elle est totalement absente de ce film-l.

Denny R (kr) wrote: Its genuinely hard to review this movie because it has a lot of good mixed with a lot of mediocre, and a touch of bad. Its kinda a mess of a movie. But it strikes a weird chord with people. Maybe its the indie, anti-romance styling that's refreshing in a movie lost in the sea of other predictable romantic comedies. However, I think its the absurd, emotional angst each character conveys that seems so out there that, in my opinion, makes it real. The emotionally damaged are irrational. Somewhere, deep inside ourselves, we sympathize with these characters because we see a bit of that pain in ourselves.

Matthew P (us) wrote: would be an amazing universe if the mysticism herein were true. luckily ot is an amazing universe without all that purpose. look around yourselves and wonder. no need for synchronicity.

Brian G (mx) wrote: I will never watch this movie.

Antonio L (es) wrote: Ento, eu j tinha expressado meu dio extremo por esse filme, mas assisti ele em 2011. Vendo de novo, posso dizer que um timo filme, com uma histria bastante triste que faz refletir um pouco sobre justia/injustia. A nica coisa que no me desce nunca so algumas cenas de musical que so totalmente bobas e algumas msicas no fazem muito sentido.

FOXY FOXY (ru) wrote: loved it! Chino was a selfish ass but freaking hot as hell!!!!

Jesse O (au) wrote: It wouldn't be a proper month for a horror fest without some sort of anthology film. And, unfortunately, this is the first one that I chose for this month. I was considering watching Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, but I'll have to leave that later as I got a trial for this add-on channel on Amazon Prime. Specializes in horror movies, you see, which is where I found this one to begin with. I'm feeling lazy today, as I have been for almost every anthology flick I've seen lately, so I'm not gonna bother reviewing each short individually. Plus I honestly don't think I could go into that great of detail into each short that would warrant an individual mini-review. With that said, this movie wasn't what I would have called good or anything of the sort, but at least each individual segment of the film attempted to have their own distinctive visual style. The 9th Circle, the first segment, had a more 80s VHS style of look. The second short, whose name I didn't get, looks just like a normal low-budget affair. And the third short, Terrifier, looks much like the second short, except that Terrifier has an aged, grainy look like it was a 70s grindhouse flick. It didn't really work, though, because the film looked way to modern for it to have that aged, grainy look, so there was a certain disconnect from how it actually looked to how they actually wanted it to look. So, really, it didn't work as well as, say, The 9th Circle. There's also a wraparound story, that connects all of the segments together, and it features a babysitter looking after these kids on Halloween watching this VHS tape that got left in one of the kids' candy bag. It's basic stuff, but the ending itself, to the wraparound segment at least, was actually strong in that it goes places that some filmmakers are simply much too afraid to go to. The gore itself, in the wraparound, isn't great, but I gotta give them props for at least going to some dark places. Which brings us to the segments of the film on the VHS tape. Honestly, none of them are really what I would call good, though I have to give props where they're due and the clown featured in the film is suitably creepy enough. The 9th Circle, to me, would have to be the best of them all simply due to the fact that it's the only one that really goes all out with its concept. It all boils down to finding a woman for Satan to impregnate, really, but it's a pretty decent short in and of itself. The second short, the one with the woman who just moved into her new house being hunted down by this alien is, honestly, pretty fucking terrible. The alien looks awful and the acting by the woman in peril is even worse. Seriously, it was fucking dreadful. Might have been one of the worst shorts in any anthology movie I have ever seen and that is no joke. The third short, Terrifier, isn't great as it's just really basic. The lead in the short is basically running away from the clown and no matter what she does, or how far she drives, she cannot escape him. It's simple and not particularly interesting, but the gore, at the very least, is at its strongest in Terrifier. So it has something to offer in spite of its relative nothingness. The wraparound does exactly what the wraparound does, it connects all of the segments together while weaving its own, small, story. Again, nothing special, but it's there. The acting is for sure at its best here, at least by the actress who played the babysitter, she was solid. And this is where things end, as I mentioned the ending to the wraparound was good enough. I don't really know what to make of this anthology film. I didn't find it to be worse than VHS: Viral, believe it or not, even though Viral had a bigger budget. But I can't say that it was a mixed bag either, because I didn't find any of what the film had to offer, in terms of shorts, good. At its best, the movie is just watchable and and its worst, it's downright terrible. Two stars is what I really feel comfortable giving this, but I wouldn't blame anyone if they thought it was either better or worse. It's that type of flick.

Joo V (ru) wrote: Um filme enorme! Em todos os sentidos. "E Tudo o Vento Levou" tem uma atmosfera realmente pica e personagens memorveis, alm de citaes clssicas. A minha favorita de Clark Gable: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Penso que se trata de um daqueles filmes que todos devem ver pelo menos uma vez na vida, embora no me sinta impelido a v-lo novamente num futuro prximo. Acompanhando a histria de perto, chegamos ao fim exaustos.

Andrew W (de) wrote: Love the sentiment behind this film