The Fugue

The Fugue

Nora Dunn is a struggling artist desperately trying to recover from a childhood trauma, but her life is turn upside down when she is haunted by the vision of a long dead childhood friend. Is the spirit a hallucination or a foreshadowing of something worse to come? It is up to Dan Tsang, a young police detective to solve the mystery and save Nora before it is too late!

Nora Dunn is a struggling artist desperately trying to recover from a childhood trauma, but her life is turn upside down when she is haunted by the vision of a long dead childhood friend. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zac K (us) wrote: Some of the best action sequences I've ever seen

Michael T (es) wrote: Great French neo-noir flick. The plot was a little too telegraphed for my liking, but I enjoyed it all the same, especially since it makes it easier for a non-French speaker to know what's going on. The fight sequences were great! Apparently they were choreographed by the same guy who did Bourne Identity.

pretty p (gb) wrote: it wasn't really good

Jess (ca) wrote: I can't really explain how completely disgusting this movie was. This old guy who has a screw or more loose, comes across this chick who was on the road almost dying. He takes her and her car to his house. Well she dies and he starts to make believe she is a woman he used to know. He pretends that they are getting married, makes her wear a wedding dress and even bathes her. He even tried to kiss her, but her body was unstable and fell. Well...her sister and EX boyfriend(the synopsis is kind of off) go searching for her...and it leads them to the old guy. They don't necessarily become hostages, or at least not the ex boyfriend. Anyway, they survive and the sister kills the old man.What does this movie get as a rating? I guess maybe 2/5. It's quite the interesting movie, but to be honest, this disgusted me.

Will S (ca) wrote: one of the best documentary Ive seen by far highly recommend this

Michael R (es) wrote: This genuinely creepy movie is not worth watching.

Michael W (us) wrote: Business exec wages war with a rat that has infested his home. Peter Weller gives the film more than anyone should expect and eventually resorts to a scorched earth policy with the rat. Thankfully it is noted he is good at renovations.

Sen C (it) wrote: Certainly the best of Woody's early "silly" movies. Funny, smart and terribly stupid. Did what Bananas failed to do - make me laugh.

Dennis B (fr) wrote: Not even gonna waist my short valuable life watching more than 15 minutes of it.

Dulvlu S (gb) wrote: A definition of a 1930's through 50's musical. Though the plot is a little underdeveloped even for a musical, it's heart is it's diverse array of music and art. The characters aren't super-memorable, except for one or two, but each one has a unique way of entertaining the audience. It has some humor, and the musical sequences are over the top. I rate this so high as a music lover and I love old media more than anyone I know, but I will admit the plot is quite typical, and has been recycled for nearly a century, but the music and dancing of the film is the best I've heard from the 40's era so far, and I've listened to a lot of that stuff. The performances are just as good as the music, with some great dancing, yet can be awkward and weird to many of this century about a third of the time. They are also over the top, and are long-breathed, with the only lengthy delay between numbers somewhere in the middle. Each musical number is in high contrast from the other, and the last one is of epic proportions, that blowed me away in several ways. The best character would be Fats Waller, who is very colorful, yet his part is short lived, being in only 3 or so scenes, but he performed my favorite song in this film, which when I found on YouTube, got me to watch this musical just for Fats Waller. I recommend this film to anyone that hasn't seen many black and white films, because this really is a great example of what a lot are like... So yes, you can say this is a typical film, but it's one of those typical films that has it's own twist to make it worthwhile.

Giffy G (gb) wrote: The movie was decent, indeed. I only saw it because of its status as a precode movie, but I definitely enjoyed it. The characters were highly memorable, even if the song numbers weren't always. I did love "Cocktails for Two" and "Marihuana," but I could take or leave the rest. Not a bad flick.

Harold S (au) wrote: Went into this with high expectations and I was very disappointed. Quite dull and boring

solidity q (kr) wrote: One of the better movies I have seen lately. Just blew me away.