The Full Monty

The Full Monty

Sheffield, England. Gaz, a jobless steelworker in need of quick cash persuades his mates to bare it all in a one-night-only strip show.

After losing his job at a steel factory, Gaz (Robert Carlyle) learns that his wife wants to sue him for missed child support payments. Desperate for money, Gaz and 5 other men form a male striptease act. The women cheer them on to go for "the full monty" - total nudity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Full Monty torrent reviews

Andres G (nl) wrote: Great family movie.Funny, fresh and with nicely done characters.

Angie P (fr) wrote: This is the movie that we will be showing at 7:00 at NorthPointe tonight. It's FREE and includes FREE popcorn and coke!

(de) wrote: one of the funnies movies i have ever seen. Can't find a copy.

Ashleigh D (ca) wrote: So meaningful to my life today. I feel it can be compared to the Cave Allegory by Plato. Seriously, read that story, watch this movie. Parallels can be seen.

Dean M (br) wrote: Love the tag line for this documentary "A Very Big Budget Film". It certainly paints a bleak picture for the US economy. Inetesting it was made before the 'GFC' and since then all there has been is more spending & ego-fueled partisan politics slowing down reform for things like health care. It doesn't seem like anyone is listening.

Melissa C (jp) wrote: Why do they always have to kill the dog in the movies? I really liked the movie, but had a hard time understanding even the Australian accent. Did she end up with him in the end, or sent back?

Raya P (nl) wrote: one of the better movies about lesbians. beautiful texturing and soundtrack.

Krystal W (it) wrote: In the top ten for most inspiring movies. This was a favorite of my dads.

Joseph S (ag) wrote: Two actors play rival gangsters in three films, the final of which is a sci-fi film, that nods strangely to William S. Burroughs, Philip K. Dick, and anime all at once. The robots are actually called "replicants", a reference to Dicks Blade Runner(several visual allusions to the film can be found as well) and the bad guy is a psychotic gay mayor obsessed with limiting procreation through use of a compulsory drug for "heterosexual love is fleeting, and homosexual love is eternal"....martial arts fights ensue, a first for the dead or alive films. The hilarious climax involves the two leads morphing into a winged robot with a gigantic phallus for a head, who personifies "destruction", which has been the path of both characters thus far, their individual minds and later literal heads functioning as something like testicles. The film ends with the mayor f*&%ing his free jazz playing boy lackey as the robot apparently tears down a wall around them, the last words of the mayor "Oh f*&%", followed by a quick fade to black. Part of me felt cheated, part of me confused, but mostly I was just laughing. A lot of the film is quite boring though, the best scenes bookend the film while the rest is far too slow. Takashi Miike has always mined the sexual motifs beneath male violence in action films, and this film with the exception of "Gozu", reinforces this theme more than any other. Sex and violence are two pretty basic themes, but like Cronerberg (who the jazz interludes may be a homage to ala Naked Lunch)Miike is able to show where the two connect, to hilarious an oddly cohesive effect.

Steve L (jp) wrote: Very original, in it's own time. You won't see many flicks like this in the near future.

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Typical fluff that won't offend anyone in the family while perhaps putting a few to sleep. Quaid is better than this but every actor has one or two family friendly films that are head scratchers.

Levi B (br) wrote: Great film. Great ensemble. this Is what a perfect film is.

Robert H (kr) wrote: It isn't as good as the first one, which had a fairly unique story, but the fight scenes alone are more than enough to forgive the predictable and cliched narrative (as well as some iffy acting).

John H (de) wrote: I'm really not sure what the appeal is. Can't tell if the leading lady(90% of the framing) is the worst actress or best(because not reacting is acting) , but do know she and her costars all portray characters that are unrealistically annoyingand/or moronic. ( who would keep a runaway 14 year old in their motel room... Several times?) The contrast in constantly portraying a young runaway as both sexy AND a pathetic victim is cheap. Hollywood at its worst. The leading man is great. Watched this mostly for him. Otherwise, the story is shallow/cheap and the leading lady is a mossy log.