The Galaxy Express 999: The Eternal Fantasy

The Galaxy Express 999: The Eternal Fantasy


Based on the story by manga master Leiji Matsumoto (The Cockpit, Queen Emeraldas), the 55 minute featurette picks up one year after the events of Galaxy Express 999 in which a young boy named Tetsuro and his motherly companion Matel worked to rid the universe on the Mechanized Empire who had taken over Earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Galaxy Express 999: The Eternal Fantasy torrent reviews

Stephen M (nl) wrote: Inspiring. We should all hold Brandon up as a role model. I wish all teenagers could see this movie. It's not "made up". He was what the movie portrade him to be. Determined to do right in the eyes of God. He was not conformed by this world. The movie has IMPACT because it's true.

Dominique D (de) wrote: J'ai ri. Plein de malaises. Mon genre d'humour. "As a film critic, I've seen nearly 4,000 movies over the last fifteen years. Right now, I can't think of one worse than Movie 43." Moi j'en ai une longue liste.

john b (au) wrote: I hated the cover art to the DVD. What was supposed to be provocative is a badly photo-shopped mess. Shoulder deep in blood stained water, a nondescript actress with pouty lips tries her best to look evil. I suppose floating underneath a blue sky filled with white puffy clouds is supposed to contrast her rather ineffectual evil stare, but it just comes off as amateurish. What's intersting about what appears to be "red-eye" (and a sure sign of bad photography) was it's actually an intended effect, but it only reinforces how talentlessly this cover art was created. Blase' as the DVD cover is, it's still manages to be quite superior to the film itself.

elda w (ru) wrote: how do I watch it on here?

kyo 9 (ca) wrote: watch it..not very fond with the slow tempo story line..

familiar s (de) wrote: Just bumped onto it, and couldn't simply miss it after knowing it's based on real events. Just can't help it. But it turned out to be an alright TP. While the story was okay, it's the acting that crushes the film. All the actors seemed to be on their worst. Sean Bean is an utter disaster. Charlie Creed-Miles excelled him by & large, but as the movie approached towards its culmination, even he's out in the competition of sucking. Fair fare.

Veronica B (ag) wrote: I watched because I like murderous dolls. That's about all that was good. The fact that I like the idea.

Noname (es) wrote: This Coen movie was not quite as good as the other ones i have seen. Mostly because i felt it kinda slow with not much changing in the story/script. But as always with a Coen's flick its a really well made one and the acting/characters are in top level. John Turturro shines in the role as Barton Fink (a writer) along with John Goodman in Los Angeles back in the 1940. Overall its a must see Coen movie once again i must say.

Jason M (es) wrote: Super cool. Yaphet Kotto rocks.

Ashleigh D (mx) wrote: i would rather watch this than read the damn book.