The Gambler

The Gambler

Under pressure from his publisher, Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky gets work on his latest piece, 'Rouletenberg'. In the 27 days it takes for him to complete the novel reality and fiction become blurred; in this feverish atmosphere of excess Dostoyevsky's characters come to life as he struggles to complete his work.

It's about a guy who gambles. That's pretty much it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nancy R (it) wrote: Amazingly real and frightening.

Billie W (jp) wrote: In the beginning (especially after its opening disclaimer that it was about a nonbeliever becoming a believer, so religions should totally not be offended) I was bracing myself to see an uppity atheist get his comeuppance and to be nauseated. Then Krishna shows up on a motorcycle, and it turns out this is really just a disguise for subversive satire of the priests and temples and religion as a business, and atheism comes off comparatively fine. That said, if god wants to reveal himself to me as a handsome Bollywood actor on a motorcycle, then, yeah, we can talk.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: A must see for Rush fans and lovers of great documentaries!!!

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: What a tacky and visually irritating film. This is basically The Wachowskis' Spy Kids 3-D; it is so soulless and mindless and cartoonish that calling it "stupid" would almost sound like a compliment. The story is incoherent and script is terrible, The Wachowskis always have a hard time writing believable and authentic dialogue, and the same goes to the character depth. I know it's supposed to be a visual feast, but most of the special and visual effects are incredibly dizzying and quite exhausting to look at. The only redeeming qualities are Christina Ricci and the score by Michael Giancchino. Other than that, Speed Racer is a joke: A candy dream that wastes the talents of everyone involved. What a shame.

Jaws N (de) wrote: Fuck this fuckin' movie, I mean seriously, it tries to get as many laughs out of fuck as possible, when not at all trying to actually explore the fuckin' origins of fuck. FUCK THIS.

Sumit B (kr) wrote: Fast paced entertaining action movie. loved it.

Mark W (de) wrote: It gets two stars for an attacking headless raw chicken and an exploding giant pimple, otherwise it truly failed to deliver in every sense of the word. Much like the predecessor it's killer proved to be the biggest problem, really an evil rocker with a guitar shaped drill... To further confuse matters, I couldn't tell whether this film wanted to be taken seriously or not!

John R (us) wrote: 110529: Slow and methodical. Enjoyed the climax but had to concentrate to get through the body. As a result, not really sure how I feel about this film. I can say that it's dark.

Dena S (nl) wrote: a good oldy i use to watch as a kid :)

Charlie (ag) wrote: i really really like this movie