The Gangster

The Gangster

Based on the novel Low Company. One of the most peculiar film noirs of the 1940s stars Barry Sullivan as a small-time hood who suffers a mental breakdown as his big plans begin to crumble. Beautiful Belita is the slumming society girlfriend who only fuels his paranoia.

Barry Sulivan is a cynical gangster who controls the Neptune Beach waterfront. He runs a numbers racket with the local soda shop owner: the police are in his pocket and the local hoods are on his payroll. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (br) wrote: Cheesy. Surprisingly watchable tho.

ernest e (us) wrote: Not bad for polish movie, this is where things went just right where hollywood would have tried too hard and ruined it. Went to see 2d version and it was alright.

Thomas J (it) wrote: What a surprise! I knew nothing about this movie and watched based on my Netflix recommendation. For this movie, it was right on. It seems to be a typical teen drama but new twists are added that are interesting and make the movie unique and enjoyable.

Brandon W (au) wrote: Calvin Marshall is easily one of the best films I've seen from 2010 and one of the best sports films I've ever seen. Steve Zahn absolutely nailed his character and put up one of his best performances, if not the best performance, of his career. Frost and Lombardo were also very good in their roles. They each carried the emotions and subtleties of their characters respective lives and life choices to realistic and believable levels. The supporting cast were also excellent. Calvin Marshall transcended your typical sports film to convey the choices we all face in life when it comes to following our dreams, our talents, and what is important in our life. It's not a fairytale story, or the story of the kid from the wrong side of the tracks overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, or the story of the washed up veteran making an improbable comeback, this is the story of everyman.

Private U (br) wrote: It shows that the American voting system and the politicians behind it are corrupt and it needs to be fixed. Its an amazing film.

Chris B (ru) wrote: Surprisingly good with a decent amount of laughs and moving moments.

Angel K (mx) wrote: This may be a good movie, time will tell.

Luke B (mx) wrote: What a godawfully hilarious film. Naked Weapon is a film where not one single person has been cast because of their acting abilities. The delivery of the stale dialogue is painful at times. Once you get past all the hot girls kicking arse, there's nothing else. Its ultimate sin is to take itself too seriously. The editing is a huge pile of gobshite. People dive through the air and just don't stop. Sometimes it seems like a spoof. One scene has two women diving over a sofa in slow motion, without it feeling like part of the fight. By the end the film just gives up, introducing a new antagonist, despite the obvious build up of the Madame M character. The final fight makes no sense, like a lot of the dialogue, as people balance on the heads of their opponents and spin round and around. Delightfully cheesy, and painfully bad in equal measure.

Peter P (ca) wrote: Sometimes the best way of making the movies is to not mess with the formula. I know its not the most innovative movie, or something new from Guy Ritchie , but RocknRolla was a blast. It was fun movie with great acting, Over the top dialog, thrilling action, funny comedies and memorable character.Its not every movie that you can remember character and its quotes, but it simply the case for RocknRolla. Their personality was awesome and unique. Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy comedic presence was a thing in this film, yet Mark Strong and Karel Roden commanding look make sure that the film wasn't far away from being a action gangster movie A film that is about a scrawny deal between Russian and British mob. The story was nothing new but there are still excitement and fun in the twist and turn itself. Even with all of the meaningful and memorable quotes, RocknRolla wasn't meant to be something artistic, meaningful or iconic, but it meant to give you fun, excitement, thrill and most importantly one hell of a ride.

Brian B (es) wrote: This movie is a reminder of the highs and the absolute lows of heroin use. It is not for the faint of heart, but it's worth viewing as it's well-acted and well-written with great characters.Mark Renton is a heroin addict who loves heroin and its effects on him. After getting into another brush with the law, he tries to quit heroin as he feels like it's having too bad of an impact on him. However, he keeps on being dragged back into it as every attempt he tries, doesn't work for him. As his addiction increases for him, he and his friends experience the many horrors of drug use.What makes this film special and unique is that it's a daring depiction of drug use. It is never too afraid to show the absolute highs of drug use, but it is also not afraid of showing the absolute lows. It isn't afraid to show Renton and his friends having good things happen to them as a result of drug use. However, it also isn't afraid to show the absolute lows and negatives that it brings to you. It contains many sickening images and horrifying hallucinations, especially the "baby on the ceiling" which is one of the most terrifying scenes I've seen in any movie before. This is a good approach to a drug film because it doesn't take any sides. In this movie, most people are in the issue of drugs in-between. To a non-addict, they will likely see the film as a strong message to them that the consequences are far more worse than the few good things they give you. To an addict, however, the consequences will always seem outweighed by the thrills and benefits that doing the drug gives to them.Mark Renton is played expertly by Ewan McGregor. His performance pretty much sums up the experience and consequences of being on heroin. When he's high on heroin, he sounds like he couldn't be any happier. When he's not high, he both sounds and looks like he doesn't know what to do and he just wants to get high again. Then, when he says "this will be the last time", he continues to do it and the process continues. He plays his role perfectly and smoothly.Also, Robert Carlyle as Begbie plays a magnificent role as well. He plays an insecure, borderline psychopath who will fight anyone who gets in his way at any chance he gets. His outbreaks in the film are realistic and unnerving and his performance never seems overly-serious and he never overacts in each one of his outbreaks. In one of the scenes near the end, it shows him beat up a man at a bar for accidentally spilling beer on him. The sense of anger on his face and his tone of voice are really unsettling and his facial expression is very haunting and it sticks with the viewer for a long time. These 2 performances stick out the most, but most other performances in the film are great as well.However, what I really love about it is that it's an honest portrayal of the drug scene. People who say that it glorifies drug use are incredibly wrong and need to watch it with a more open eye. However, people who say that it is an anti-drug film are missing its point too. This isn't about the rights and wrongs of drug use. This is about the addict. He doesn't have to be someone who tells us that heroin is bad. In the movie, the drug addict never tells us that drugs are terrible. He just says that he wants to stop doing it.In conclusion, this is a very memorable and a well-made drug film. It's a daring move for it to show the absolute highs and lows of drug use. Also, it has very great acting performances in it as well. I don't think it is as effective as Requiem For a Dream since that movie was mainly focused on the absolute lows and nothing else, but its daring choices are what make it such a great movie which stands out amongst most other drug films.