The Gate to the Mind's Eye

The Gate to the Mind's Eye

'Alloy' is faced with a vision of the year: 2075, doom. There is only one way to reverse the madness: collapse the universe into itself and begin again. Witness the rebirth, the awakening and the future of mankind. The regeneration is neither now nor then, but can only be reached through The Gate to the Mind's Eye.

Alloy is given the glimpse of the future and the only way for this madness to end is to collapse the universe and began again. Witness the waking, the rebirth, and the future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie B (kr) wrote: this film had a lot of parts that worked well. but what ruined it for me was that one of the characters blatantly gives away the twist early on - she names the killer right before she dies. from then on my experience wasn't so much what was going to happen but waiting for it to be revealed, which isn't nearly as exciting. all director had to do was remove the name from her line, and this would be a 4 star film for me.if you watch, mute it when main character is crawling out of the public bathroom. unmute after the scene and enjoy!

Tasha D (mx) wrote: dobra komedija skroz!

Andrew P (it) wrote: Maria Bello's character is 100 percent annoying. And it seems like her acting chops have gone completely down hill.

mnikka D (au) wrote: I love this movie it so funny n it tell you the truth of how some ppl n church can steel from their own kind

Craig H (nl) wrote: Good movie with a lot of conflict and struggle. Basic message is don't do drugs.

Romaine M (us) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Jasjot S (mx) wrote: I prefer this one over the first!

Brittany M (kr) wrote: funny movie, wait is this a remake?

jay n (fr) wrote: cute if average comedy. extremely high quality cast for what is essentially a programmer. Marilyn's part is small but like the rest of the cast she plays it well.

Thomas T (it) wrote: Despite Ashton Kutcher giving a decent performance as Steve Jobs, Jobs is not all that great.

David J (es) wrote: Yet another ho-hum movie trying to make Taylor Lautner into the Justin Bieber of action films. This time, they're trying parkour as the chiseled boy-wonder's talent. I got the privilege to watch his last film, Abduction, and I dare say this one is even worse. The plot is a mess, and the script and acting are both painfully bad. The parkour action is pretty cool to watch, but the shaky camera work gave me a headache, like the director was a fan of Bourne movies. Top it off with a couple of ignored plot holes in the end and I would only recommend this film to anyone looking for something to kill time with friends on a slow day; its a ridiculous piece of fluff.

Jax R (jp) wrote: Done on video so if you suffer from motions sickness this is one you will want to give a miss.

Ryan W (jp) wrote: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,z!,,,j