The Gathering

The Gathering

Michael Carey's world turns upside-down when the successful marketing executive catches a glimpse of the near future. These visions could not come at a worse time for his marriage, his job or his friendships. Michael struggles to understand the meaning of the messages and must convince his loved ones that Jesus will soon return.

Michael Carey's world turns upside-down when the successful marketing executive catches a glimpse of the near future. These visions could not come at a worse time for his marriage, his job ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deborah B (nl) wrote: The acting in the film was good. Tom Pelphrey is a good actor and he did carry much of the film. The characters and plot line was not developed enough and the actors did the best they could with the material. The film seemed choppy in some places, I think the editing could have been better.

Erik H (gb) wrote: weird-ass film. story is pretty rotten, but for some reason i was okay with the absurdity. it's like some kind of inverted tale of grief, which for me was a bit refreshing when i thought about it later. some wonderful, gory cringe-moments. again, although most of it makes no sense, i'm okay with it taking on basically a b-movie caliber plot to give us a fun experience.

Holli H (ag) wrote: One favorite movies of time.

Andres V (ag) wrote: At the time of its release this movie had one of the coolest-looking trailer ever released. Sadly, the real thing doesn't get anywhere near it. In the shadows of "Sin City" and "A Scanner Darkly" and obviously paying tribute to "Blade Runner" it tries hard with the production design but in the end it feels too video-gamey in the narrative and in the animation. As appealing as its graphic novel black & white look is, the animation is incredibly clunky and any comparison with "Sin City" would be just wasting time. It just feels like a very long in-game cinematic for a nonexistent videogame the audience never got to play with.

Katelyn B (es) wrote: I could tell this movie was going to suck within the first 5 minutes.

Lauren P (ru) wrote: I liked this movie for to many reason to list here. So instead I just give it an all around A+

Aaron B (br) wrote: Liked the book better, but this is one fantastic drama!

Janemarie C (es) wrote: Sherlock Holmes meets The Aristocats.

Melissa W (ag) wrote: Brilliant acting by Streep and De Niro, but the story just kind of sucks.

Allen R (ag) wrote: It's been 20 years, easy, since I've seen this, but much of it came back to me during last night's screening, and i think I enjoyed it, or, perhaps, appreciated it, more than I did when I was younger. I'm convinced the first hour was meant to be silent and the narration was added afterwards. That first hour is almost completely visual storytelling, and the narration is pretty inconsequential.

Zachary H (mx) wrote: This film is considered an "exploitation" or "sexploitation" classic. The strength of this film, however, is not its exploitation or sexploitation scenes. While the acting and story may be considered camp weirdness that is hard to follow, the true strength of the movie lies in its ability to show the gratuitous medical experiments conducted by the main character. While the shocker opening of the castration of a Jewish prisoner that couldn't satisfy Ilsa is a a rather vulgar scene that sets people up for what is to come (and makes all men in the viewing audience cringe), the truly grotesque scenes are the ones where Ilsa is committing her experiments on female prisoners to prove that women are more capable of handling pain then men (this is very clunkily explained and can be missed by the viewer). One particular one that comes to mind is the scene where Ilsa tells the doctor to raise the temperature of the water a woman is being held in by five degrees because her vital signs are not changing. The film effectively waits to show you that the woman is, in fact, being boiled alive in the water. It is a great little scene that can be forgotten among the sex scenes and big boobs in this film. Dyanne Thorne actually gives a solid, believable performance despite the fact that her German accent is clunky. Overall, the impact of the film on the exploitation genre cannot be forgotten (if you are a fan of this genre then you have to see or have seen this film), but the film is worth the running time for the simple horror or even movie in general fan simply based on the medical experimentation scenes.

Sam B (nl) wrote: Like a Five Easy Pieces for truly vapid people, Shampoo takes us through a 24-hour period in the life of an LA libertine. Warren Beatty doesn't know why he has to have sex, he just knows it makes him feel okay. With a great soundtrack and several great performances the movie is able to sustain itself even with a particularly slow first half. Ashby leaves it up to the audience as to if we're supposed to find Beatty contemptible or relatable.

Kayla K (es) wrote: 1/2/2009 movie 7 of a 24 hour movie marathoni really liked the beginning but unfortunately drifted asleep... good thing i own it!

Juli N (de) wrote: It's also a unique, touching coming of age story as we witness Leatherface take his first face! They say you never forget your first

Graham D (gb) wrote: Stumbled on this a while ago. AMazing film, great performance from harvey kietel and nice cameo from jim jarmusch.