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Sonya M (br) wrote: my 2yr old enjoyed it and I did as well.

Niels S (us) wrote: A dramaturgical disaster. Is there a script doctor in the house?

Pom P (br) wrote: such a predictable film

Abdulai A (us) wrote: Kind of mixed feeling disaster

Christopher L (fr) wrote: So...Here we have it, at long last: a cop thriller starring Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker and Dr. House that is needlessly convoluted, unsuccessful as mystery and even somewhat offensive. Reeves plays, in what is actually a passable performance, an alcoholic, racist cop with a penchant for ultraviolence. Sleepwalking Whitaker is his boss. Dr. House is, in a completely thankless and unnecessary role, an IA dude who sounds and acts rather uncannily like Dr. House.There's also a big, twisty, topsy-turvy cop-killer plot that hopes very much to be on the level of a whodunit like the far superior "L.A. Confidential", which also fails.In the end, this is an unnecessary, ugly, mildly offensive film that left me a bit depressed and extremely baffled.

Sarah G (fr) wrote: I'm not sure how i ended up watching this, but it was well worth it. Very funny.

Frederick W (us) wrote: Caught only the last twenty minutes on IFC; was like watching a turtle cross a busy highway. Other characters know the turtle, see the dangerous path it is on, yet they speed on, self-obsessed. But unlike some other reviewers, I enjoyed the painfully deliberate depiction of M's demise and Garcia's portrayal.

Burcu S (fr) wrote: ortalama siradanlikta bir film, bana da hic bisi ifade etmedi. ilerde bir sekilde evlenip coluk cocuk sahibi oldugumda izleseydim 3 yildiz verirdim belki.

Eric B (it) wrote: The biggest mystery about "PIcking Up the Pieces" is why such a bewildering array of well-known actors signed up for this silly, sacrilegious farce. The cast is like the head table at a celebrity roast: Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Kiefer Sutherland, David Schwimmer, Fran Drescher, Elliott Gould, Eddie Griffin, Cheech Marin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andy Dick and Lou Diamond Phillips are all hamming it up and vying for screen time, but their talents are mostly wasted on broad characterizations and cheap jokes. Sutherland and his ever-nimble toothpick have a ball and come off quite well, but other thankless roles just suggest the acting community really, really loved "Like Water for Chocolate" (also directed by Alfonso Arau).The main allure of "Picking Up the Pieces" is seeing Woody Allen in a rare appearance as a hired actor, though he's playing a nebbish part which he might as well have written himself. Allen portrays a Texas butcher who kills and dismembers his floozy wife (Stone), then trucks across the border to secretly bury her in the titular "pieces." He loses her hand in transport, but a blind woman (literally) stumbles on it and magically regains her sight. This leads to her tiny village enshrining the hand (extended middle finger and all), while an ethically shaky priest (Schwimmer) struggles with his conscience. More and more healing miracles occur, and the town becomes a cash-cow tourist trap. Meanwhile, Allen hears about the lost hand's notoriety and plots to steal back the evidence. The resulting complications are predictable (the sight gags involving enlarged breasts and penises are especially crass), but the film is plenty of fun anyway. Book it along with Alex Cox's "Straight to Hell" for a midnight double feature.

Jennifer G (gb) wrote: AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! The only reason I watched this was for Christian Bale as Jesus. Obviously. But it's so inaccurate and horrible. And cheesy on top of it.AND I feel really bad for thinking of Jesus as . . . Christian Bale. If that makes sense. It's just wrong.

Matthew H (ca) wrote: Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean is a funny soul, with his goofy faces and playfully obnoxious, scatterbrained attitude. But it all feels like one big, long, SNL skit.

Kasia D (es) wrote: a worth-watching non-Hollywood vision of friendship & love. one of my fave movies

Sarah P (it) wrote: I was bored and couldn't get into this movie. I think it was because it was just like every other mob movie I've seen - there was nothing unique about it.

Daniele C (fr) wrote: The. Best. Movie. I. Have. Ever. Watched.

Tanner B (it) wrote: Author! Author! (1982) ??After his wife leaves him, Pacino is forced to take care of 10 or so rugrats while trying to write a play. Ill-conceived film wavers uncomfortably between realism and as a farce. We also never find out anything about the play Pacino is writing. A mess. Available on Netflix.

Brady S (fr) wrote: one of his best Works ever.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Good story, great rocket, and a cool little robot--Surprisingly Kubrickesque!!

Pavan R (au) wrote: I thought it had more promise than it delivered. It probably had to do with the ending. An intriguing well paced movie with some good performances.

Chris D (ru) wrote: Led by nuanced performances by Blythe Danner and Sam Elliot, I'll See You In My Dreams is a sweet dramedy that warms the heart and the soul. A-