The General

The General

In a twenty-year career marked by obsessive secrecy, brutality and meticulous planning, Cahill netted over £40 million. He was untouchable - until a bullet from an IRA hitman ended it all.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:124 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The real-life story of Dublin folk hero and criminal Martin Cahill, who pulled off two daring robberies in Ireland with his team, but attracted unwanted attention from the police, the IRA, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The General torrent reviews

Knox M (mx) wrote: Finally! A documentary about a director done right!

Simon P (ag) wrote: Interesting watch, but not as scary or unnerving as I hoped it would be. The shaky camera work in found footage style films does make them hard to concentrate on, this ones no exception. There is no plot in the film but it still has enough to make it worth a watch.

Rangan R (es) wrote: Expected a very little, but delivered very hugely.The first word I said after the watch was 'unbelievable'. That means the movie is not bad, but how come I missed it for this long. This is the best dark-fantasy movie I have seen recently. But earlier, I thought it would be like the movie 'Tusk' which made me a little uncomfortable to watch. So in the end, what's the difference between the tusk and/or the horn. Both come in a pair and animals have it to defend themselves from the threat. When I watched that movie, I lost interest in this. Yep, it is a silly reason and now I feel bad for that.This movie dominated by the British cast, especially for having Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple I thought it was British film, actually it was not. It was a Canadian-US jointly produced, adapted from a book of the same name and directed by 'Mirror' director. The story was so good, not genuine, though explored the theme very well. For every few minutes later, the narration was taking a turn and that made the plot to get lot tighter before heading for the concluding part.Maybe this the best movie of Radcliffe that I've seen after his goodbye to 'Harry Potter' movie series. I don't think he's a chocolate boy type, but this kind of movie suits him well. I think he should get muscles for more movie like this, but his height is another negative factor. The film was entirely shot in Canada, the photography was great, music as well as performances. Even those settings like woods, tree house feels kind of wet English and Scottish atmosphere that fits for a devilish mythical charactered movie like this. I regret for reviewing it so delayedly, but anyway I did it and over it, so I hope you watch it very soon as well if you haven't seen it yet.7/10

Michael S (jp) wrote: Is it degrading for a straight woman to be a gay guy's "beard" or "Katie Holmes"? Why are people get so anti and uptight about who other people love?Roger Ebert watched the first 8 minutes of this movie and hated the awkward beginning. Any Glee fan could watch the last 8 minutes of this movie and love Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester character beginning to take shape 2 years before Glee hit the small screens. Between start and end, this movie's awesomely intriguing plotline fails to be convincingly acted. But don't give up on it like Ebert did - it's an enjoyable watch.

Michelle N (de) wrote: This movie could be so great with a bunch of edits

Masorad (es) wrote: It's unfortunate Caveh Zahedi isn't the only male in the universe who's had sex. Were it so, we could perhaps appreciate his masturbatory essay about his dick and the girls who encounter it. As a film, the salient points are dandruff-flecks brushed off your undergraduate sleeve. Here's a word: self-aggrandizement.

stefano l (ag) wrote: The quality of this mini tv-series is surely much better than usual Italian ones, that are often very poor and superficial on the lives of the people who want to describe. Of course, not all the Italian tv-series (only not to say none of them) has Vincent Cassel as the main star of the show. As already pointed out for the first chapter, he is completely in the role, and you can't think of him doing anything else than escaping prisons and robbing banks (not always in this order).

Kyle F (us) wrote: A truly imaginative and original cartoon film that went overshadowed, lost in a world of increasing CGI animation as one of the last big budget films of its animation style at the time.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: Very different compared to the films previous to this but actually quite solid.

Tony D (fr) wrote: Nice, but mostly foreseeable plot twists

Penelope B (kr) wrote: This is a fantastic film performed by some of Germany's best actors and actresses of the present day. A true story of a group of harmonists, great entertainers in pre-war times. Problems arise when Jews are no longer allowed to entertain.....

FilmGrinder S (gb) wrote: Before there was THE MATRIX, there was MINDWARP! A solid B-movie and a must for Campbell fans.

Pascal V (de) wrote: int (C)ressant mais trop loooooooooooong...

Jose Miguel G (br) wrote: While not the strongest, its definitely a touching-well animated short story that still holds up today as it did before, even if it does limitate itself from time to time.

Byron B (au) wrote: That gangster James Cagney can sing and dance!! Lots of toe tapping patriotic classics by George M. Cohan. I enjoyed this biopic very much especially for Cagney's against type performance. He is very talented.