The Germans Strike Again

The Germans Strike Again

4 years after the Nazi occupation in Greece, the Greeks are involved in a Civil War and they are killing each other. Theodoros, a quiet and modest man, disgusted and disappointed, falls asleep and has a nightmare. Hitler is alive and the Nazis strike back with new, more powerful weapons.

4 years after the Nazi occupation in Greece, the Greeks are involved in a Civil War and they are killing each other.Theodoros, a quiet and modest man, disgusted and disappointed, falls ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandra W (de) wrote: So Glenn Close is in this coma, yet she's narrating this movie in an on-again-off-again kind of sucky Eastern accent. But the movie's not really about Glenn Close being rich, drunk, and glamorous; it's not even about Jeremy Irons having an affair or marital discord or attempted murder. No, it's about this team of sleazy lawyers who are trying to overturn Jeremy Irons's conviction who keep having uninteresting, amoral legal spats about how it doesn't matter whether Jeremy Irons did it. Additionally, it's so boooooooooring that after an hour and a half, it had felt more like a day and a half, and I just couldn't do it. Also, the oldest daughter from the first 5 minutes of the movie, about whom I had high hopes because she was making such a pissy face at Jeremy Irons, disappears for most of the running time, and when I wasn't being totally bored, I was distracted by this. I just really could not connect with the characters, and I didn't care enough to hate any of them, either.Grace said it best when she commented, incredulously, "We just watched a movie starring Glenn Close in a coma."

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