The Ghost

The Ghost

A woman and her lover murder her husband, a doctor. Soon, however, strange things start happening, and they wonder if they really killed him, or if he is coming back from the dead to haunt them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   haunting,   ghost,  

A woman and her lover murder her husband, a doctor. Soon, however, strange things start happening, and they wonder if they really killed him, or if he is coming back from the dead to haunt them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (br) wrote: Although it leaves out his years with Richard Roeper (and unfortunately much of his work post Gene Siskel), and it doesn't quite go as deep as it had the potential to, Life Itself is still a sweet and intimate look at Roger Ebert's life as a critic and as a lover of film. Fans of his writings and of movies in general will definitely take something of value away from this. It's funny, sad, and heartwarming. It's Life Itself (that's my attempt at sounding clever).

Jackie (de) wrote: About a boy with Asperger Syndrome trying to find his brother a new girlfriends just to make his own live go back to old routines.

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Ernst M (br) wrote: An obviously one sided viewpoint (which interesting doc's aren't?). I found the information given very interesting to the question I always had which was where did they go?

Rendan L (de) wrote: Unique, funny, and boasting great chemistry from the leads. Blades of Glory hits the marks it needs to but maybe not how they were intended. Grade: B-

A K (us) wrote: Its all right for what it was. Could have used some more editing to take off about 30 mins more

Emily A (br) wrote: Try not to kill yourself while watching this. JGL is great but Brady Corbet's performance is so underrated. Top 5 most psychologically disturbing films and to an extent that's necessary, and I feel they were true to the brutality of the theme without exploiting it for the most part. The violent rape scene is completely unnecessary though.

Dillinger P (nl) wrote: The premise is sound, the setting is perfect and the acting and directing talent are all capable of amazing things, so why is it that this almost two hour long film feels like it takes a week to finish? The story revolves around 2 friends named Gerry, played by Affleck and Damon. Both young lads have ventured off towards a trail in the middle of the desert to go on a hike. Of course they both get lost and soon find themselves in a lot more trouble than they bargained for. The begining is asthetically pleasing and the whole long shot aspect does give a sense of scale and time, but because barely a word is spoke for over 80% of this movie, we need something constantly fresh visually to give us something to hold onto and that doesnt happen. The actors start off well enough, with some witty material that they work with in the begining it gives them a life and a connection, the rest of the time its just pictures of sandy deserts, wide shots of the boys constantly walking with no music and no dialogue. Its alienating and not in the way it should be. By the end your so bored of the same thing that when the finale actually happens i found myself not giving a toss. I didnt care about these guys anymore, not because i hated them because the movie made me so bored of watching 2 young men constantly walking. Which is what this movie really is. It has some lovely shots, nice acting in places and the story is simple and likeable enough. But its such and effort to get to the finish line that by the time you reached it, you wished you hadnt bothered. No where near everyone's cup of tea an indie fanatics only film.

Heather M (mx) wrote: Super creepy and a perfect antithesis to the schmaltzy holiday full of cupids and chocolates.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Anther installment pinhead!

Harry W (it) wrote: A cheap action movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rob Schneider. Sounds crap, eh? Well, if you go in with that attitude then you may get a pleasant surprise.Knock Off has semi-decent action and good stupid laughs along the way. It never takes itself seriously and neither do you, and the plot is simple and has moment of laughable stupidity but is easy to keep up with. This is a good film because it's a good mix of good and stupid, and it's good to watch with mates too. Not one of Jean-Claude Van Damme's greatest, but it massively outranks his worst by a milestone. Like Tango and Cash, it's so over the top and its characters are so laughably stupid that it's safe to say that Knock Off is a good movie, full stop.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Sonny Chiba plays Takuma Tsurungi, a mercenary who is asked by the Yakuza to kidnap a wealthy heiress. His relationship with this organization quickly turns sour and Takuma finds himself outnumbered and outgunned. What follows is a series of brutal and gorey fight scenes that earned The Street Fighter an X rating for violence. This movie is by no means a masterpiece, but those looking for a grindhouse take on the Bruce Lee style will find The Street Fighter to be well worth their time.

Rebecca L (ru) wrote: Watched this morning, forgot how side splitting it is !!!!!!!!!!

Richard D (ag) wrote: This one might be totally on me, but I simply could not connect with this film. It doesn't seem to be a poorly made film, but I was utterly bored by every last minute of it. Correction: I liked Kris Kristofferson ... I could have used more of him.

Adrian B (us) wrote: "Two Women" is a about a mother (gorgeous Sophia Loren) and her daughter (Eleonora Brown) and how they escape a war-torn Rome and head for the mountains to be away from the dangerous inferno. There, they establish themselves in a refugee camp, of which is the same area Loren grew up as a child. Everything seems well, until Loren and her daughter leave the camp and start their journey back to Rome. It is a pretty effective film. There are a couple scenes were acting could have better, particularly near the end, but other than that, it is a good film. Loren's acting is definately Oscar worthy and the feeling of being at the refugee camp on top of the mountain seems real. It sure looks cold and lonely up there. Unfortunately, the version I watched was not as effective as it could have been, because the film was dubbed in English. I wanted the Italian version rather than this. I will hopefully watch this film again in Italian, but versions of this film seem hard to come by. If you do watch this, watch in Italian, not English. It is likely way more effective.

Daniel Q (nl) wrote: One of the worst thought out stories to ever be captured on film. I'm not sure for what category, but this movie deserves a Razzie. The story makes absolutely no sense. The acting and dialogue are laughable, and the stock footage is ridiculous. This clearly the work of an amateur. I love watching old films and I like "B" movies, but this was just way to atrocious to recommend. There is nothing redeeming about this one. The film runs for about 60 minutes and it's still too long!

Kurt M (es) wrote: This film was supposed to be a starring vehicle for Jim Carrey in 1985. Too bad he couldn't act back then. Lauren Hutton must have been desperate for money when she made this turkey.

Brandon R (ca) wrote: Arnold was on top of the game when this was released. Probably his best movie and a five star action thriller at that.