The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Luther Heggs aspires to being a reporter for his small town newspaper, the Rachel Courier Express. He gets his big break when the editor asks him to spend the night at the Simmons mansion ...

Looking to score a break as a newspaper reporter and impress beautiful Alma Parker, milquetoast typesetter Luther Heggs pitches a story about his small town's haunted house. When the trial judge orders an investigation, and no apparition appears, Luther is branded a fraud. That is, until he and his devoted girlfriend team up to uncover the mystery of the hauntings, and the true murderer, in this timeless comedy classic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne K (it) wrote: A sensitive and touching, if one-sided, look into the life of an individual who represents the plights of several million. Daniel Blake is browbeaten and hounded by the unnecessarily complicated job-seekers allowance application process. We feel his frustrations, not just his being messed about by the Job Centre staff, but at modern technology, which is more-or-less essential for applying. The films biggest weakness is how one-dimensionally the authoritive staff are portrayed, with the exception of the one obligatory Angel figure of course. All of them are curt, borderline rude and appear to completely ignore what our protagonist, and others in a similar situation, have to say. It does ring very true at times, but much of the movie feels more like a finger poke than a commentary. But the lead characters' plea is very real, and he's very easy to sympathise with. He never overplays, facing each obstacle with resolve and a distinctly British sense of humour. The pacing is a little slack, and the climax feels like a real Hollywood product, but the film overall is heartfelt and socially relevant, and many of its scenes are just watching Blake reacting to his seemingly deepening misery, but always with a quirk and deep determination to keep soldiering on. I'd almost call it essential viewing for its topic alone, but it has so much more than that to offer.

Christine K (jp) wrote: Sweet short film about a NY writer. Unique!

Seraphic W (au) wrote: A rarity to stumble across a movie in which I do not find Eva Green's usual acting stiffness... unnecessary. In fact, I have only praise for the chosen cast since the, at times, lackluster chemistry between the two protagonists actually translates extremely well in terms of realism.Now, about the film itself... Having only just recently watched the thematically similar, brilliant 'Blindness', I was not expecting Perfect Sense to have any sort of impact on me but good Zeus, it truly left me in jaw-dropping awe.The bleak premise, the harrowing fear, the scorching anger are all eggshells on humanity's rotting floor -- but they don't come alone. In delicate balance, there is always hope tiptoeing around them, hope and the drive to move forward, maybe on instinct or feigned ignorance perhaps, but it's there, the need to not just survive but experience and live until life is no more.An eroding world which could have surrendered in anarchy chooses to keep up the fight in structure, instead striving to clad itself with some semblance of normalcy through a bull-willed grip to the familiarity of old habits.Ultimately, humanity ends in comfort.Bearing in mind I don't usually go for melodrama -and through the emotive use of music and sound/color play this often borders on beautiful depression- it somehow connected to my every point, and to my every level Perfect Sense made just that; perfect sense.

Clay B (jp) wrote: Great insight on world religion. and the 9/11 stuff is spot on with questions never answered. along with a lot of cover up. Definitely will recommend to others to try and awaken others

Albert A (es) wrote: This movie is beautifully written and is very artistic. Has a great message and it has touched my heart. Helga finally confesses her love to Arnold!

Joyce B (nl) wrote: love it! very funny!

Dan S (it) wrote: One of the worst filmed musicals, which is a shame because it's a lot of fun as a stage show. I'd like to see it remade.

Jordan K (de) wrote: Maybe it's the hard vocabulary- or maybe it's just the fact that I don't really like musicals very much. I don't want to seem like a weirdo or anything, but I didn't like this one much. I don't really have a plot for this one, because it's just old colonial heroes singing ballads of all the Declaration stuff and eh, you know what I mean. I don't think that George Washington ever sang a tune about himself, same thing with John Adams or Ben Franklin. If you're that kind of person who doesn't like musicals like I do, then you won't like 1776. After all, John Adams never sung his anger. Is 1776 really like 1776? You answer that, fair reader.

Alex D (br) wrote: I loved this movie. Really sweet and funny. Great jazz soundtrack and close enough to the 90's to feel nostalgic.

Lanky Man P (us) wrote: A fun different plot for a film.

Jake T (au) wrote: God bless Shane Black! Another brilliant buddy cop satire that drives me to tears of laughter with its terrifically witty dialogue and silly plot. Gosling and Crowe made a great team!