The Girl

The Girl

Director Alfred Hitchcock is revered as one of the greatest creative minds in the history of cinema. Known for his psychological thrillers, Hitchcock’s leading ladies were cool, beautiful and preferably blonde. One such actress was Tippi Hedren, an unknown fashion model given her big break when Hitchcock’s wife saw her on a TV commercial. Brought to Universal Studios, Hedren was shocked when the director, at the peak of his career, quickly cast her to star in his next feature, 1963’s The Birds. Little did Hedren know that as ambitious and terrifying as the production would be to shoot, the most daunting aspect of the film ended up coming from behind the camera.

A young Texan mother who loses her child to foster care begins smuggling Mexicans across the border. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (ca) wrote: I remember i was more excited to see this movie more than i was for The Dark Knight Rises. So was my sister, who, by the way, is 20! Thats how good the show and movie is! Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension is well written, funny, and has some committed voice acting.

Ryan D (ag) wrote: A fun slasher flick with some gory kills.

Richard M (au) wrote: Very strange, but great. One of the funniest wedding scenes on film.

Charlie 7 (it) wrote: Fun and stupid in all of the right areas. This film is worth a watch if your a fan of the 60s TV show.

Greg W (gb) wrote: good funny comedy Madonna's best pic , so far.

Emod L (us) wrote: 92%The Artist is an elegant and well-made feature hearkening back to the silent films of the 1920s.

Borhan K (jp) wrote: Very Good Girls is a movie about two best friends and their emotional relationship and what happens to there friendship when a guy comes between them.It's basically a emo kid movie prior to leaving for college.You have Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen as the two best friends. There acting capabilities were not stretched at all.The movie is nothing that hasn't been seen before.I would let this one go.It is not suitable for the kiddies.All in all a easy pay day for all involved other notable actors Demi Moore that plays a small role and Clark Greg from the Marvels Agent TV Series. This would be better in book form only.

Alejandro C (us) wrote: Todo en esta pelcula es super tpico, su historia, sus situaciones, sus personajes... Pero tiene un toque macarra simptico y algo bestia que me ha entretenido ms de lo me esperaba. Por cierto, tienen al Danny Trejo en el poster slo como reclamo, porque apenas tiene unos minutos de metraje en los que lucirse

Terri H (mx) wrote: No thanks - Not interested