The Girl from Jungfrusund

The Girl from Jungfrusund

Spoiled upper class girl must change places with a housemaid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Girl from Jungfrusund torrent reviews

Wi A (de) wrote: The plot landed on flat surface but it flows brilliantly to the end. Hilarious but yet so touching. Love the music and few memorable scenes. One of the best romantic comedy in 2009. Damn it! I already miss Li and Bangkok.

Jess P (jp) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie. It was interesting and enjoyed the acting by Kellan Lutz and Norman Reedus.

Ramn M (jp) wrote: Impresionante retrato de familia. Emma Suarez fantstica, como siempre,...

Paul D (ca) wrote: Familiar Scooby storyline with modern, but below average animation.

Chaplins Violin (kr) wrote: An awesome movie. Raviv Ullman is adorable and very talented.

DONT ADD ME just message me (nl) wrote: jack lemmon, what a great actor. entertaining film

Aaron P (mx) wrote: A wonderfully bizarre, one of a kind work.

Vtor M (fr) wrote: Uma mesma realidades vista de dois pontos de vista, uma perda que pesas toneladas uma angustia que no acaba e a vida que vai seguindo o seu rumo indiferente ...

Miguel R (au) wrote: While George Clooney shows that he can indeed direct, The Ides of March relies on a pretty boring concept that didn't interest me as it could've