The Girl from the Red Cabaret

The Girl from the Red Cabaret

Harvey hires Mary to seduce his rival Larry and help him gain his revenge. But Maria and Larry fall in love and things become complicated.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:stripper,  

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The Girl from the Red Cabaret torrent reviews

Luke H (nl) wrote: Fucking hilarious!! ?????????

Scott K (fr) wrote: Andy McDowell is a tramp. An aging tramp who can only sell cosmetics to other aging tramps.

Vanessa R (ca) wrote: love me some Paul Walker.

Alimuaman A (it) wrote: old story new style..yaaak....irritating..

Matt B (ag) wrote: Machete, based on the fake trailer from Grindhouse, is a goofy, gory homage to the exploitation genre. Unnecessary, for sure, but a lot of fun.

Accurate M (ca) wrote: Just like a really long, really boring soap opera. Not the best acting, either.

Caribou K (mx) wrote: Maybe when it comes to cable.

Daniel M (es) wrote: Another great chapter in the story of Rocky's life. I wasn't too into his opponent this time around and I wish I cared about the final fight more, but it was still enjoyable. Watching this movie really made me appreciate the others more. We really got a wonderful series spanning an entire lifetime. 4/5

Jared B (br) wrote: Pretty good cinematography, but it should been edited down by at least an hour. The lingering takes worked sometime, but for the most part it just made the film over long and boring.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: This place makes Amityville look like a spinning tea cup ride Six paranormal experts arrive at an old house to begin their studies. They have limited resources but an abundance of expertise. Shortly after arriving in the house they are confronted by a host of ghosts that utilize temptation to lure the experts to their deaths. "It's a house. Nothing more." Terry West delivers Flesh of the Beast in his major motion picture directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is fairly standard for the haunted house genre. There isn't anything overly original; however, the kill sequences and gore elements were entertaining. The quality of film and special effects is limited and the acting is well below average. The cast includes Jane Scarlett, Sergio Jones, and Clarke Beasley. "Just lay back and enjoy the ride." I watched this movie as part of a Grondhouse box set and was surprised with several aspects of this film. This definitely is not a "good movie," but it does have some "so bad it is good" elements that kept it entertaining. This is a movie worth watching if you are in the mood to watch a bad horror picture. "Does a hallucination feel like this?" Grade: C-

Jeff M (ag) wrote: One of Cameron Crowe's best!

Mane J (ca) wrote: It appears the fairly low rating on the Tomatometer is due to people's expectations. Unbreakable is a masterpiece and is the best comic-book movie ever made. Pure genius.

tara (de) wrote: seriously one of the worst movies evvvvver made

Remi C (ag) wrote: one of tupacs good films plots a bit twisted though

Andrew K (es) wrote: Jackie Chan has never been cast in a more ridiculously awesome movie ever. It's as if an anime was made into a campy overdubbed live action movie and it all blends together into a very memorable and hilarious adventure.

Derek D (mx) wrote: Seagal's first starring role with a very impressive cast led by Blaxploitation-veteran Pam Grier as his long-suffering partner, Sharon Stone as his wife and Rat Pack hangaround Henry de Silva as the bad guy. A good movie and a sign of things to come for Aikido-legend Seagal - at least until he did Under Seige 2.

Jon C (kr) wrote: Michael Shannon and Ashley Judd are the real gems of the film with there visceral performancesI cant say the same for the rest of the film which is an utter letdownthe premise sounds good but things don't get freaky until after the 1st hour and even then there isn't enough of it going onit's just explaining and more explaining; have a rule of thumb in movies and in horror: show don't tell'Splinter' is a better movie because it took real chances to be effective

arlyn c (ag) wrote: one of my most favorites have it

Becky T (gb) wrote: Cute. About what you would expect, with bad things happening and a good happy moral ending.

Karsh D (ru) wrote: young boy tries to fit in during his first year at boarding school. warm hearted comedy drama that really hits the spot.