The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

There's someone peeping through windows so Arthur has been asked to watch the neighbour's eighteen year old daughter while her parents are away. Soon their mutual attraction develops into something that Arthur later regrets.

A documentary about the rise to fame of adult movie star Stacy Valentine. Starting out as an under-confident woman pushed into entering a Hustler Magazine contest by her domineering husband... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (ag) wrote: An independent Mexican crime-drama. It was chosen to represent the country in the 86th academy awards. The story of a brother and sister. The responsibility of the brother was showcased when his family was torn by outraged men belong to the drug trafficking. Just another side story of the movie 'Trade' between a family, law and brutal world. In a small desert town, Heli, in his 20s lives with his dad and a teen sister Estela. He's married and has a little baby. He and his dad work for the same automobile factory while his sister is at school. An army camp is held for nearby their village. Estela's secret relationship and army's raid on drug dealers, all these lead to get involved in an affair for this little family. The corrupted law is not an option to rely so Heli must stand his own and fight. The world he's after is not for a person like him, he had left no choice other than going for it. It was a good movie in the aspect of exhibiting the contests. The synopsis says, it is a heroic movie. Heli won't just go into the underworld and smack everyone down. The presentation was in realistic approach. A very well told story with limited characters and dialogues. Yes the movie talks less and displays more, but not completely. Leaves many unsolved mysteries, though it makes you sure you understand without showing the other side of the narration. It's better as now than revealing everything because it could have been lots of violence. A couple of scenes were raw and violent. A bit disturbing as well. The problem with this movie was the rest of the world received it well, but the natives did not. The reason is the country was portrayed in the bad shade. Like the one we always see in the Hollywood movies which denoted how dangerous is their neighbor. The flaw and the misuse in the law enforcement, especially people from isolated place had to face their problem by themselves. So Mexico's not the only one to have issues like this, but many other parts of the world do. The filmmaker hailed from there so he did this. Remember this movie is better compared to 'Trade' which was more disturbing. In the end, both these movies were not neglectable, because of the plot it showcase was one of the actual crimes that happens everywhere.

Harro P (au) wrote: Sober documentary in three parts with three main characters showing their live in Iraq.

Jeff B (au) wrote: What a wonderful, fun family film. Right off the bat, you've just got to love a movie where Michelle Pfeiffer gets ugly and Robert De Niro gets light in the loafer. Unlike many films, Stardust gets into the plot right up front. Not a lot of long, drawn out character development. But nevertheless, the characters are developed well enough throughout the rest of the film to keep one warm, connected, and caring. Of course you've got standard love / fantasy fair, bad brothers seeking fame and glory and the crown above all else, getting their comeuppance, as well as the self-focused romantic interest of the lead. And yes, our hero ends up with the girl, but not the spoiled unworthy one, of course, but the beautiful and powerful one who in being loved for who she is achieves greatest power. You've seen the love fantasy plots before. The evil witches also get their just desserts in the end. With such a star studded cast, great characters, action, and visual appeal, and even Gandalf as narrator, Stardust is a sure fire hit for all the family.

Greg T (ca) wrote: Maybe a little overlong but utterly compulsive - really quite remarkable, like spending 3 hours in the Metropolitan.

Al P (br) wrote: Howd I do on the Harisson Ford Quiz?

Private U (kr) wrote: This movie is simply incredible. With Silkk the Shocker as a star, how can you go wrong. Seriously, I didn't think it could get worse than Silkk the Shocker rapping. I was wrong - case in point, Silkk the Shocker acting. The plot changes ridiculously about 10 times throughout the movie with little to no explanation. Gary Busey clearly has a Black man as a stunt double. The car chase scene is a cinematic masterpiece involving 7 different takes of the car flying into the water from different angles. After watching it once, I immediately watched it again. What more can I say. Classic.

Private U (de) wrote: Even Karloff completists can safely skip this one.

Fernando C (gb) wrote: an interesting surreal horror drama


Justin O (mx) wrote: Believe it or not, this wasn't Stallone's worst film ever. But it's up there.

Anders A (ca) wrote: Watching this (and any other film) in 3D is awful, feeling your losing details through the whole movie. It's a very slow-paced story enabling the characters to express themselves and unfold their feelings. A young boy gets killed under the moving car of the the novel-writer James Franco. He gets away without any imprisonment, but seem to dwell a lot on the young boys death. He gets into contact with the deceased child's mother and expresses his sorrow. Whart more obvious choice for a mourning mother than Charlotte Gainsbourg, I don't think there exists. Acting depressed is in her nature, though she's actually not remaking "Antichrist" here at all. Years go by, but the accident never sems to fade away from neither parties.