The Girl with the Red Scarf

The Girl with the Red Scarf

Story of a dilemma between a woman's love and her logic. Asya, a young girl with a strict mother, meets Ilyas who is a womanizer city man, and they quickly fall in love. They get over the hardships and have a quick happy marriage. However, after he helps a man one night, Ilyas' life changes forever and he leaves Asya and Samet, their son and doesn't come back. After that, Asya takes their son and go away without knowing where she is heading, until a familiar hand reaches her to help selflessly.

A classic and endlessly watchable love story that never dates Inspired by the novel of acclaimed writer Cengiz Aytmatov... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Girl with the Red Scarf torrent reviews

Ts Yeung Yvonne P (ru) wrote: An oddball comedy with unrealistic characters, load of silly scenes, but it got a heart. Somehow I was watching the whole film and I like it.

Hannah L (fr) wrote: This movie was awesome I liked it A LOT! Except it probably would of been better if it was longer

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Could watch this sometime if i can find.

Abhishek S (de) wrote: An ambitious spectacle. A visual delight.

Dorianator F (br) wrote: I don't know what was so good about the movie. I found it very boring. The main male character also annoyed me. He just kept begging for sex for most of the movie. Very annoying.

Jasmine D (gb) wrote: I saw the first 30 minutes of this on television the other day, and it was pretty good. Would like to know how it ended!

Tom E (mx) wrote: I enjoyed the plot building but the ending left too many voids.

Jack E (gb) wrote: A farce in the tradition of classic Ealing comedies, a balanced ensemble deliver a fun 90 minute film. Alan Tudyk stands out for a great comedic perfomance and a more than passable British accent.

Steven W (es) wrote: don't let the title fool you, this Z-lister isn't just unskilled, it's unwatchable - I've been to funnier funerals