The Girls

The Girls

One of the most popular Soviet films of the 60th, "Devchata" is a perfect example of how to make a wonderful movie in the most difficult genre of comedy/romance. "Devchata" is funny, heartwarming, charmingly naive yet involving and moving. Nadezda Rumiantseva gives a star making performance as a teenager Tosya who came to work as a cook in a logging company located in the distant Siberain village with the long and snowy winter. On her first day, she meets Ilya (Nikolai Rybnikov), the most popular and attractive guy who is equally known for his success on the working place and with the girls. Ilya makes the bet with the friends that the new cook will fall in love with him in no later than two weeks...

Tonya has just graduated from the trade school and found a job as a cook in a Siberian village. She is naive but open hearted and kind. When Ilya starts flirting with her she takes it as a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toad K (kr) wrote: Good movie for nothing to do

Steve R (gb) wrote: A violent anime-inspired animated movie about a scantically-clad woman fighting demons. It's based on an obscure comic book, and I only watched it to try and complete my quest to see every comic-based movie ever made. I would probably have loved this when I was 16, but I (and the times) have changed too much. Despite all that, It was still better than I was expecting (just).

Annine M (ag) wrote: uuuuuuuuuh, used to see Babar all the time as a little kid. So funny!

Allan C (mx) wrote: Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich followed up their huge success with "Independence Day" with this weak American remake/reboot of Godzilla. The film starts out promising, with scientist Matthew Broderick being scooped up by the government to help them investigate the effects of radiation on what is likely a new monstrous creature. The cast is solid, with Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria, Kevin Dunn, Michael Lerner, Harry Shearer, Vicki Lewis, Nancy Cartwright, Richard Gant, and my favorite 80s/90s stuntman Al Leong and you even have Gretchen Mol in an uncredited role as a reporter. However, the film is a real slog at nearly two and a half hours. When this film came out, it was a direct attempt to show up "Jurassic Park" with an even bigger dinosaur creature and took the same serious tone. I think where Devlin and Emmerich went wrong is that they forgot the playful tone they brought to the action and adventure they had in their previous films like "Stargate" and "Independence Day." Emmerich is a solid action director, but he's no Spielberg. Maybe if this film was edited down to a tight 90 minutes, it may have worked better.

blake b (kr) wrote: not enough duck tits

Aj V (us) wrote: A strange, confusing, stupid werewolf movie, I hated it.


Panayiota K (ca) wrote: Gilda looks like a boss ass bitch. i don't understand why she can't handle her life and the two assholes in it. Especially Johnny, he is so unlikable. I mean she is doing a striptease because she is hurt since Johnny thinks she is a whore and then she slaps her. As Carlos Magalhes said in another review here, "let's not overlook how stupid, implausible and misogynist this film really is, painting Gilda as a mischievous femme fatale when in fact she is a victim in the hands of two hideous men"

Jo M (mx) wrote: if you have not seen this you are missing out. these two are soooo funny together. the story line is pretty good and Queen and Jimmy are awesome in this!!!!

Elian D (de) wrote: I hadn't watch this film in a long time, but upon doing it i couldn't help but ask myself if I remembered the time when Schumacher was great. This was made then.The movie consistently moves through its own world and with a distinctive athmosphere, its characters are familiar enough to be relatable and identifiable, but not so much as to become cartoonish.I specially loved how it had its rules and, even though every character had their own take of them, it was establshed as onli an opinnion, not fact. There's no "know-it-all" character explaining things that noone would have ever been logically able to know (I'm looking at you, undertaker from "Final Destination").The plot doesn't beat around the bushes and jumps right in to the main issue, and develops naturally to a fit ending.If only, I'd like a to know if Baldwin's perv got off as easily as the movie implies, or if he's still "cursed" by the time the credits roll.It was a fine film by a very good director with a rising cast.

Cooper H (es) wrote: Rocky V is a disgrace to the franchise and Rocky himself. He disregards the ones he loves to help a random fighter who ultimately betrays him. The confrontation turning into a street fight is beyond dumb.

Isaac H (mx) wrote: This one is actually pretty good. Doofy and main two leads are really funny.

Anh H (nl) wrote: I love this movie for 3 reasons: 1. Nick and Norah are so cute together 2. They have great music and 3. The search for a secret concert.