The Glass Bottom Boat

The Glass Bottom Boat

Bruce (Rod Taylor), the owner of a aerospace company, is infatuated with Jennifer (Doris Day) and hires her to be his biographer so that he can be near her and win her affections. Is she actually a Russian spy trying to obtain aerospace secrets?

After a series of misunderstandings, the head of an aerospace research laboratory begins to suspect his new girlfriend is a Russian spy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnson C (us) wrote: At the first sight, through of similar to Leon, but its not.But the plot is quite simple, fit Jean's style.

Gregory W (us) wrote: descent drama about a disgruntled soldier with family issues esp with his senator brother.

Gregory W (jp) wrote: funny little indie comedy

Dimity P (jp) wrote: Stttuuupppiiiddd and trite but I enjoyed that part of it was set in Scotland!

Jamie C (nl) wrote: This movie tries to be more clever than it actually is with a plot that is hard to understand due to the fact that we are introduced to so many cast members in such a short time we have no clue what was going on and the twists through the film lose any shock value due to the fact that the whole story isn't explained well, There was some good violent action and some bits were clever, but apart from that we go away from this film feeling kind of numb and dissapointed.

Paul B (es) wrote: This is just one big steaming pile of garbage. Terrible. Had to turn it off.

Fai S (de) wrote: great acting and it's a very touching story! very nice..

Ahmad J (it) wrote: Cher's cameo in the movie is the only thing memorable for me!

Olly H (gb) wrote: strange movie with an unbelievable cast....

Chris P (mx) wrote: Hands down my favorite movie as a kid!

Rogier J (es) wrote: nice story, but not so much of a movie

Matthew P (mx) wrote: A surprisingly funny and engaging battle of the sexes comedy.

Duncan F (ca) wrote: Very powerful film that brings back lots of memories for those born in the 70'sCan't believe we wore clothes like that!

MariePier D (kr) wrote: That's the Chris Evans I love !! A romantic comedy enjoyable