The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie

An aging Southern Belle makes life horrible for her ambitious son and crippled daughter because of her dreams of what life should be.

This first movie version of the Tennessee Williams play about a faded, aging Southern belle, her shy, crippled daughter and her "selfish dreamer" of a son more or less sticks to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guerrero D (nl) wrote: great movie , bit disspointed with the story line and duration of the movie , story line was easy too guessand duration of the movie is only 45 mins wich is too short for a movie but i just love alpha and omega thats why it gets a 10 from me (im addicted too alpha and omega)

Jillian L (jp) wrote: Let's be real. This was a giant marketing scheme for Cirque du Soleil. They just combined different Cirque show acts, and put a very thin story on top of it. But damn was it pretty. All of the acts are gorgeous to watch, and some are just completely brilliant. My jaw was hanging open. If they were that good on a computer screen, they're probably ten times better live. Yeah, there's a story in there somewhere of a girl trying to find this aerialist dude that she just met but is madly in love with, but there's amazing acrobats! Seriously, my entire rating comes from how awesome the acts were paired with director Andrew Adamson's eye for capturing the perfect moments on a camera.

Steve T (nl) wrote: This is a great documentary regarding Bobby Fischer although I must admit, I do not understand the obsession with this guy. Could it be that I am not a major Chess fanatic? This film leaves you wondering why would somebody so eccentric and so-unbalanced as this chess player - with many diagnosed and diagnosed (yet untreated tics/idiosyncrasies) turn Anti-Semitic and paranoid? Well - the same reason the average nutcase who doesn't happened to be a world champion chess player does - because . . . they are CRAZY.Given the history of grand master chess players - the better you get at chess - the closer you get to paranoid schizo - at least that's what I learned from this film.

Srinivasa C (ru) wrote: A cool script with a hilarious narration. Wonder how cool they went on with the irony of US invasion on Afghanistan!

Casey B (au) wrote: [i][b]Naked Lunch [/b][/i]>> Very odd little trip of a movie. Entertaining and creative in its own way.[i][b]Radio Days[/b][/i] >> I love Woody Allen and all, but I wasn't too thrilled with this bland era film about the boom of the radio and how it affected the everyday family.[i][b]Boy Eats Girl[/b][/i] >> Cheesy and funny B-movie with zombies.[i][b]Michael Clayton[/b][/i] >> Very good suspense thriller.[i][b]The Great Yokai War[/b][/i] >> Somewhat imaginative, lacks focus.

Seher K (br) wrote: the best of performances. absolutely a must watch!

Jim C (au) wrote: I liked the double-entendre of the title; that it's more than just the daughter's line to the father, but refers also to all the characters' preoccupation with labels, social position, and success. The main irony they're trying to get across, I guess, is that the daughter ends up mirroring the father's callous and self-indulgent behavior (but also redeems herself by the end.) None of the principles comes off unscathed, but at least Lolita (the daughter), Sebastien (Lolita's unrequited lover), and Sylvia (Lolita's singing coach) all undergo important transitions. Etienne (Lolita's father) and Pierre (Sylvia's husband), meanwhile, pretty much remain egocentric SOBs for the duration--indeed, I think they even get worse. I thought it was a realistic take on a common dynamic between "successful" fathers and "insecure" daughters. Impressive, too, that the actress playing Sylvia (Agnes Jaoui) and actor playing Etienne (Jean-Pierre Bacri)--married in real life--wrote and directed the film.

Sheree W (es) wrote: awww, i love this movie! really good story and the little boy is adorable when hes trying to surf, lol

Eva L (mx) wrote: This is a cute movie

Ian C (ag) wrote: Rewatch. First time seeing this since its introduction its original release. n this small Swansea town everyone is a horrible cunt. Only u likeable character is Fatty. You really don't care who wins the war as they're all worthless scum. Some good laughs throughout.

Charles G (de) wrote: Bit of a letdown. Was expecting more of a musical Midnight in Paris, but was presented with a poor Mamma Mia.

Nik M (nl) wrote: You almost can't salvage a movie like this that has buried itself in terrible dialogue, ridiculously random and weak plot points, and B-movie fight scenes with dated effects. It's hard to appreciate, but at least it's entertaining in all the wrong ways.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Authentic and pointed; not for all tastes.

Stuart K (au) wrote: Directed by Michael Anderson, (Around the World in Eighty Days (1956), The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959) and Logan's Run (1976)), this is a true life war drama which was based on the books The Dam Busters by Paul Brickhill and Enemy Coast Ahead by Guy Gibson, published in 1951 and 1946 respectively. It's a very suspenseful and moving film, and it gives it's view a sense of patriotism. It starts in 1942, when scientist Barnes Wallis (Michael Redgrave) is developing a way of trying to destroy German dams with the plan of hurting their industrial plants. He comes up with the idea of a bouncing bomb, which will be launched from a low flying plane. He has a hard time convincing the government, but once he convinces RAF Bomber Command chief Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris (Basil Sydney), they set about putting together a team, a squadron of Lancaster bombers, 617 Squadron, to be commanded by Wing Commander Guy Gibson (Richard Todd). But, Wallis faces a race against time to have it ready in 4 weeks. It's a good film, and it shows the trails and errors gone through to perfect the bomb, and the final raid on the German dams is quite amazing, and it still holds up all these years later. It's influenced generations of filmmakers, and it's a very engaging film to watch as well, with good performances.

Jen H (nl) wrote: A bit too much talking in the middle, but it's fantastically absorbing.