The Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper (1955) is a musical film adaptation of Cinderella, made by MGM, directed by Charles Walters and produced by Edwin H. Knopf from a screenplay by Helen Deutsch. The music score is by Bronislau Kaper, the cinematography by Arthur E. Arling, the art direction by Daniel B. Cathcart and Cedric Gibbons and costume design by Walter Plunkett and Helen Rose.

In a small pleasant European village, there is one unhappy person: Ella. She is despised by everyone, and mistreated by her step-mother and step-sisters. Out feeling miserable one day, Ella... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gerard M (au) wrote: Stripped down filmmaking.

Shauna S (mx) wrote: boring! OMG what a waste! and she managed 3 effing books of mystical pest control??? I was expecting a Pre-Harry Potter, line his parents, before birth but no... just boring nonsense and I don't like any of the characters!

Frances H (kr) wrote: Entertaining, quiet, little indie film about a ner-do-well musician who finally grows up when he finds out and has to adjust to the fact that he's the father of a 13 year old daughter thrust upon him while he's on the road. Sweet, moving story with an excellent cast. Abigail Breslin shines as the talented and mature young teen.

Dorian G (de) wrote: I had watched this a few years ago, but didn't remember much of it. Great story, Elon Musk is rad, as are electric cars. Watched on Netflix at home, June 20, 2015.

Olly H (de) wrote: tolle besetzung, insbesondere pierce brosnan und leider doch ein extrem blder film

Jerry C (fr) wrote: The second part of the trilogy is a real mess. Only the last 15 minutes are relevant. That's not much in a 140-minute movie.

Caleb C (kr) wrote: Good idea, but executed very poorly, and feels more like a made for tv film. Kind of one that the kids might enjoy, though.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: The kind of film that gives GLBT cinema a bad name, 200 American is an amateurish, dreadfully scripted and laughably acted 'comedy-drama' that is neither intentionally funny nor dramatically impacting. It's a poor, facsimile photocopy version of Pretty Woman that doesn't have that films' guilty pleasure appeal nor a zillionth of the talent either behind or in front of the camera to make it work. The writer's attempts to pass of said similarities as knowing irony only makes the lack of originality more pointed. A low budget is not an excuse for a film to be a complete vacuum of interest, but that's what was encoded on the DVD that I watched.

Peter C (us) wrote: Another really funny and heart warming light romantic comedy from Sammy and Andy!

kelley m (jp) wrote: any movie that is made in hawaii or about hawaii i love why you ask ? because i am from hawaii.

Andrew L (it) wrote: A fun, charming coming of age movie. Not quite a classic, but it's a really neat movie and an interesting story that I haven't quite seen before. Interesting look at professional dancers, but it's not all about dancing. May not be for everyone, but a lot of people like this a lot.

Jen N (ca) wrote: I didnt like this one as I did the first but its still good...!~!

Bryan K (es) wrote: Better than the remake.

Guddedede (au) wrote: some very scary parts/didnt see it comin

Richard D (fr) wrote: This is a difficult film to review. Let me start with the pros.-good directing-interesting story -good camera work and visuals-good performances from adult charactersNow then, this is not a conventional story. 3 separate stories that eventually become one. And Matt Damon's story is actually the least fleshed out. The acting of the adults is very good, but the acting of the kids is noticeably flat.The story is about the afterlife and how it effects the lives of three people. A medium (Matt Damon) A French Model/Journalist and an English child. I suppose you can say its about finding life when you are surrounded by death. It's worth a watch. It's uniqueness, and risks should be praised. Rent it.

Tim R (au) wrote: Better than At Worlds End, On Strangers Tides exceeds in every way, bring on the next adventure!

Sapphire G (br) wrote: Extremely poor and loose adaptation of Isabel Allende's rich and evoking story. Streep, Irons, and Close are outstanding actors who here were incredibly miscast.

Sonya W (gb) wrote: I saw this a looong time ago...need to see it again.