The Gnomes' Great Adventure

The Gnomes' Great Adventure

David the Gnome and Swift the Fox embark on a search to find a gold treasure stolen by trolls.

David the Gnome and Swift the Fox embark on a search to find a gold treasure stolen by trolls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edmund C (it) wrote: This won Best movie at the 2013 Filmfare Awards, so I got down to watching it tonight, after my hindi teacher recently recommended it. Farhan Akhtar gives an outstanding performance as Milkha Singh, the real life Olympian runner from India, who began his life in India as a child refugee who fled Punjab during the 1947 partitioning after witnessing his parents being killed. It's an inspiring story that reminds us of the power of the human spirit. Especially poignant is the part where Milkha visits his old village in Pakistan and sobs to recall everything, then finds out an old friend survived. After this take place, the imagery of him running alongside his young self at the end is really poignant. The child is smiling again. Healing.. Beautiful! I like the music score too, especially the tunes with banjo :) The director is Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who also directed Rang de Basanti and Delhi-6. I rank this No.2 after Delhi-6.

BJ P (au) wrote: it makes me think about da War...

Silvia L (ca) wrote: A woman changing life of two brothers.... Parts of it very sad, others boring...

Cristbal S (ca) wrote: A little over the top and by-the-numbers, nevertheless, I found myself very touched by 'Girl, Interrupted', terrific performances and a strangely relatable story. A soulful picture with a lot to give. Maybe not a game-changing but for god's sake, it's great film.

Luis A H (it) wrote: James Wan's non-horror debut is, Although slightly inconsistent and a bit over-the-top, Sharply Directed and Stylishly Filmed with grim atmosphere, loud action set pieces and thrillingly dark.

Steve D (de) wrote: Worse in every respect. Bad effects acting and plot just dumb

Phil H (au) wrote: Holy tight ass spandex Batman! a vehicle all for Hulk Hogan! luckily Christopher Lloyd is there to save the day kinda. A alien warrior that oddly enough looks exactly like a human being must save Earth and the universe from another set of aliens who also happen to look exactly like Human beings! what are the odds?.So for better of worse Hogan is an alien that is basically space Rambo, he wears unconvincing plastic looking armour and carries unconvincing plastic looking weapons with flashing lights on them. It all looks like its been made by a fan for a comicbook convention, basically very good cosplay.The film also kicks off with a pretty bland looking 'Star Wars' rip or homage however you wanna look at it. Its virtually shot for shot as a huge lumbering spacecraft slowly glides over the top of your screen like the Star Destroyer in 'A New Hope'. We then see a pretty terrible looking space battle with familiar looking laser shots all over and the intro of the supreme bad guy who is a short bald human. Maybe a bit of 'Spaceballs' going on there, mirroring Rick Moranis.Most of this film comprises of small action and comedy sketches set up for Hogan to abuse with his big frame. So you get various silly scenes where he beats up bad guys, stops petty crimes, helps kids, helps old ladies, the odd pratfall and goofiness due to his super strength etc...its all very predictable and childish but then it is a kids flick.In all honesty Hogan is a reasonable comedy actor and does ham it up nicely, he is also clearly great with kids which is nice and adds a genuine gentle touch to the films infantile bits. The best part of the film is the pretty sweet alien monster costume which appear when the bad guy transforms (yep he was a nasty alien creature all along). This suit is actually pretty scary for a kids flick which isn't surprising seeing as its a Steve Johnson creation. Other than that the rest of the effect are tacky as hell but that does kinda add to the charm I can't deny.A typical low budget looking B-movie affair that didn't really do anything other than give Hogan some work to do. but despite that it is a warm fuzzy little flick with a good heart.

David B (us) wrote: Aunque solo sean pesadillas, son buenos los sueos. Los muertos no suean.

Sandra M (mx) wrote: What a little gem of an Indie movie. Superb acting, Toni Collette made me laugh and cry. A lovely surprise cameo at the end. A super cool flick, loved it.

Alec B (nl) wrote: Unlike a lot of Hitchcock's other films from this period, "Vertigo" is devoid of crowd pleasing fun and over-explanation of the plot . . . it's just an uncompromising, sad mystery. I'm not sure if this is his "masterpiece" but it's certainly one of best.

jay n (mx) wrote: Just terrible nonsensical garbage that somehow managed to attract a decent cast, most of whom give terrible performances.