The Goat

The Goat

A series of adventures begins when Buster is mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil bad guy.

A series of adventures begins when an accident during photographing causes Buster to be mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil badguy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry A (jp) wrote: Good viewing for fans of the series

Valeriano D (gb) wrote: Gyuyiijaklalgkdhchzjsjjdovknskvmzmxksjhjlgmnxmemekmdmxmxm mckjdjelkamCndmzmznnsnMmxnbxbvsnfhbv jhhcsjkgjgjacjkzkfoxoodoGohdizkjckckcksofjgplMfkrowkjxndnxmlxliiiuuhtrrewsseedsssasyuppn. Vvvvvvvb. NVvylAg wa

Bruno V (es) wrote: The Ugly , the Bad and the Stupid or something ....And the to many face to face shootings that not even comes to " Clint Eastwood's " performens his enkels !

Noname (ca) wrote: This was not one of Jack Black's better movies i thought. I didn't find it quite funny either or atleast not as much as it would be. Story was decent and a bit goofy as Jack's other movies. Danny Glover had a role here aswell and did a great role character but more into drama. Anyway many seems to like this movie more then me but its a okey flick and Jack Black fans will probably take a closer look.

Nithya L (de) wrote: Vijay is very cute and hot he is a great dancer cool

Private U (au) wrote: Not as good as the first one, but I do love a documentary [difficult to review though]. I don't think that either of these films are making fun of the fans - it's more of an earnest appreciation. And I'm not just saying this as a nerd...but these films make me happy to continue being an anti-social, stay-at-home geek - although most of these people are harmless and darling - I don't need to spend time with them.

Diki G (au) wrote: Sebuah perjalanan agung yang sungguh bermakna. Sebuah pelajaran yang mahal untuk didapatkan.

Camille L (nl) wrote: Un an avant son excellente Last Seduction, John Dahl s'tait dj attaqu au film noir avec Red Rock West, un film d'une ironie dvastatrice (et parfois trop prsente compare sa cadette) port par un exceptionnel Nicolas Cage, qui n'a jamais t aussi bon que lorsqu'il joue les types patibulaires. Dennis Hopper est survolt, J.T. Walsh et Timothy Carhart dtestables souhait et Lara Flynn Boyle bien trop absente. C'est d'autant plus dommage que la seconde partie du film se centre sur une sombre histoire d'arnaque dont on n'a pas rellement besoin. A l'image de quelques films noirs bien connus, Red Rock West fonctionne sur son ambiance, beaucoup moins sur son scnario. Mais, ne durant qu'1h40, le film de John Dahl reste un bon divertissement.

Shaun B (nl) wrote: Sci-fi B-movie that is very 80s in costume design but is fairly interesting with a decent time travel story. Unfortunately the ending is rushed and suffers from some missteps in logic. But then again, time travel isn't very logical...yet.

Ana20 V (us) wrote: one of my favorite movies ever

Tim H (au) wrote: TV movie from the 70s in which the sorceror supreme learns of his destiny and sets out on the path of magic. The effects are cheesy and dated but there is a sense of fun to the proceedings.

Dana K (es) wrote: Fractured socio-political commentary and philosophical musings made for a whole lot of intellectual masturbation and not a whole lot of "movie". Though many-a-poignant quote worth revisiting, I would rather read a book than rewatch the film. Too disjointed, too little plot or character. Many threads, but the tapestry was lost on me; if Godard was even trying to weave one, I'm not sure. Of this "visual essay", all I came away with were pretty swirls in a coffee cup.

Devin W (mx) wrote: I enjoy Coffy much more that Pam Grier's more notable work Foxy Brown.

Ethan B (mx) wrote: Randy Orton, Ed Harris and Molly Parker in the same movie, it's a good start, but after watching it, It blows you away. It's good in it's own way.

Bruce B (it) wrote: A good movie with a unique plot and lots of action.

Sabrina Q (jp) wrote: This moral of this movie is that, when you know there is hope, don't let the others around you bring you down. Ignore their negative comments and try to show them that there is hope, cause having hope may bring you a long way ahead. =) I just adored this movie. Great characters and great story.

Logan M (jp) wrote: An intimate and philosophical character study often credited with inventing the conversation film.