The Gold Retrievers

The Gold Retrievers

A boy and his dog must go in search of a fabled local treasure in an effort to save the family house from foreclosure.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A boy and his dog must go in search of a fabled local treasure in an effort to save the family house from foreclosure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Gold Retrievers torrent reviews

Valria V (us) wrote: Comovente! Touching!

Chris J (ru) wrote: A beautiful and tragic film.

Bill R (it) wrote: Despite the subtitles, this was really good.

Andrew B (gb) wrote: Perfectly watchable, but not as well executed as it needed to be.

Hiroko T (nl) wrote: This makes me want to go to Tuscany!!

Jarom F (it) wrote: We were Soldiers reviewedJarom Ferris3.5 out of 4 starsWe were soldiers is a movie based on true events as recorded in a book written by Lt. Gen. Hal Moore. It recounts the first major battle of the Vietnam War. It follows Lt. Col. Hal Moore (Mel Gibson)-an extremely smart, family oriented man who loves being a soldier and that is dedicated to his men- through some of the worst fighting in the Vietnam War. This movie, although corny and clich at some point does paint a good picture of what it might have been like to be there on that day in November 1965 and it doesn't skimp on the gore. If you think that a movie about the Vietnam war should condemn and vilify the war and the soldiers you may not like this movie but if you are a cinephile like me you'll love it and you might notice some similarities to other movies in this genre like The Green Berets or Black Hawk Down.We were Soldiers takes place during one of the most difficult times in United States history. The country was completely divided over our involvement in the Vietnam War. This movie stays completely away from the politics though. It focuses mainly on the soldiers themselves and their wives. It really brings to light the reality and the horrors of war. It paints a picture of death and destruction and loss on both sides. It doesn't make the enemy out to be evil savages like so many movies before but human beings who lead lives before the war and that left behind wives and children just like Lt. Col. Moore and the soldiers under his command did.Along with gore and the harshness of the battle front, this movie does a good job in portraying the hardships and the anxiety that the wives of Lt. Col. Moore and his soldiers. Julie Moore (Madeleine Stowe) along with Barbara Geoghegan (Keri Russel) are put in a position where they have to deliver the telegrams to the wives of the soldiers that had been killed in battle which would have been emotionally taxing in its own right.Director Randall Wallace ( Pearl Harbor) does a great job capturing the physically and emotionally taxing ordeal that these brave men of the seventh cavalry had to go through during those 3 days they were there. Although he did throw in some corny and clich lines, most of which are spoken by Lt. Col Hal Moore's second in command, Sgt. Maj. Basil Plumely ( Sam Elliot), they didn't take anything away from the overall greatness of this movie. It is a fitting tribute to the men of the seventh cavalry who died that day thousands of miles away from their home and to the many Vietnamese soldiers who did the same.All in all no matter what your thoughts are about the Vietnam War, this movie is worth the 2 hours you'll put into watching it. You'll come out with more gratefulness and respect to people like Lt. Col. Moore and his men who are so willing to lay down their lives for freedom.

Stephen M (nl) wrote: While this certainly doesn't satisfy as a thriller, beneath the gritty exterior and all the expletives there lurks a sweet, rather old-fashioned love story. Not a great movie, but quite charming all the same. Rupert Everett stands out as a world-weary drug dealer/addict.

Christy W (nl) wrote: I can't believe that i did not watch this movie before. It should be a very classic and typical text movie for all PR practioners and journalists. I do think what the movie wants to deliver is very important to everyone in the society. Sad movie. This movie can also reflect the current media mess in Taiwan after the August 8th Flood.

John F (br) wrote: This was alright. Jack Black's character was funny.

Jessica M (kr) wrote: very well acted!! i'm beginning to really enjoy Dougray Scott! he's been amazing! it reminded me of Possession (2009) with Lee Pace. wish it could have an alternate ending as well ;)the ending was a lot infuriating! wanted so much more movie.. xP

Adam R (nl) wrote: Dustin Hoffman is moderately entertaining in a cross-dressing comedy. It doesn't necessarily live up to its high reputation, but it was OK. (First and only viewing - 3/22/2009)

E L (it) wrote: Interesting action flick. Liotta is underrated as an actor.

Brian B (it) wrote: Once Upon a Honeymoon is an enjoyable picture. Ginger Rogers marries an Austrian Nazi Baron and at the same time meets Cary Grant. Once she finds out that the Baron is a Nazi she leaves him and goes with Grant. It is a fairly original story with some very good acting. Definately worth watching. Overall 3.0/4 Stars Grade = B

Sarah C (de) wrote: here are many things we hope to find in spacesuch as aliens, habitable planets, and things beyond wildest dreams. But what happens when we discover something that rather use us as an incubator for their offspring. "Alien" by Ridley scott ,a fantasy thriller that was made in 1979, was written just to give a disturbing and frightening reminder that space holds its fair share of friendly creatures and it's less that friendly creatures earning it a R rating. In my late night viewing of "Alien" it had me anticipating the next scare and had me doubting all creaks coming from my house believing it to be a xenomorph coming to dispatch me in a horrific manner and to simply be put do not watch after 10 pm alone unless of course you love staying up till you see the sun. The movie was amazingly written and shot to complement its ingenious writing. The movie perfectly preys on our fear of the unknown that space has and the question that ,all manners of people, do but do not want an answer. The movie starts out simple and deceiving at first with a ship (out unwitting crew) responding to a distress beacon on a moon base. After investigating the base a crew member is attacked by some sort of creature that attaches it to his face. After removing the creature the crew retreats back to the ship to make a hasty retreat but not long after the retreat one of the crew has been meet with its first death from a creature bursting from his chest and escaping into the ship. They then proceed to attempt to hunt down and kill the creature but quite the opposite happens with their crew being picked off one by one almost like clock work. The ending will not be talked about here because the writing and cinematography needs to be watched. The movie all together was amazing, the practical effects speak for them, and there is not a moment where you can not feel the suspense of the crew. The use of practical effects are quite amazing and adds a haunting feeling from how extremely organic many of the gore scenes look and feel. The highlights of these examples are of when the alien bursts out of the chest, the scene where Ash was (spoiler warning) discovered to be an android, and the alien suit itself. Beginning with the chestburster was nothing but practical effects that used blood packs, sheep organs, and a puppet. This scene was amplified with, not only, the shock value but the fact the actors were not informed of what was going to happen. The next is the cyborg scene where it looks to be real wiring and fluid coming out but it really is nothing more than milk and pasta. The most important character the alien itself is nothing more than a person in a latex suit that has hoses attached to it and a series of other parts used to make a more organic look.The movie all together is quite amazing and well written earning its place as one of the greatest space movies ever. It is worth watching and worth the praises that critics have given it.-- Mateo Valdez

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Martin K (ru) wrote: Mildly interesting alterative timeline story - a "What-if" movie - going along the lines of nazis and WWII ... probably a comment on the politics of the 90ies ..

Andy C (br) wrote: Rosie O'Donnell and Denis Farina add a good dose of comedy to an otherwise tired production. The dinner scenes are the best.