The Golden Hawk

The Golden Hawk

A 17th-century French pirate (Sterling Hayden) sides with an English noblewoman (Rhonda Fleming) who's posing as a pirate.

Kit Gerardo, also known as The Hawk, is one of Frances's most daring privateers, rescues Rouge from a Spanish ship. She is also a pirate, working to restore the fortune the French took from... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cynthia r (ru) wrote: Logan Lerman was great in this film.

Juan Diego L (nl) wrote: La primera escena no me gust, ya entr (C) con mal sabor a la pelcula, por fortuna mejora mucho, est se toma su tiempo para ir explicando cada duda que genera, y lo hace de una forma muy inteligente, las actuaciones de todos me parecieron buenas, a parte es entretenida.

Heather H (de) wrote: Meryl Streep's smug narration cost this film a star. Other than that, the cinematography is breathtaking. I learned some things. I would recommend it.

Joseph F (au) wrote: Shit movie, how does this get 83% on this website? Its starts about an age ol story of a son going back to try and deal with his dying father who was emotionally abusive to him and his siblings, and suddenly a sub-plot about incestual siblings is thrown in. Again, shit movie. Why are Australian movies either comedies or really dark movies. Do yourself a favour and dont watch this movie

David K (ca) wrote: I don't know, but everything you do is evil. Go on dates, read magazines, go to amusement parks, etc. No wonder it's called Camp Hell.

Rachel S (it) wrote: i am VERY surprised that i liked this movie because i thought i would be scared shitless. but it is more of a thriller and is really exciting. it has very surprising plot twists. it was incredible.

Alan S (ru) wrote: I think it was trying to be something that it wasn't. and that was trying to be a great and dark movie. It just tried too hard, plus the acting wasn't that great. at the end they deserved everything that happened to them.

John D (ag) wrote: yea kick ass movie. Not the average story.

Jake J (kr) wrote: jane fonda is a creep

Angelo B (jp) wrote: I don't know why so many people hate this movie? It's a good action film! Good cast, good plot. Their are alot of things good for this movie. Not to mention "Walking Tall" copied it. This movie is like a mixture of "Walking Tall" and "Road House". The only bad thing to the film is the audio and the ending. I won't spoil the ending, but if you like Judd Nelson, you should check this film out.

Rick R (ru) wrote: One Of the Best Story's Of Pro Wrestling Ever made!

Mark D (gb) wrote: Cool name, but dick head character. Found it bizarre at times, but fun in others. Worth a watch for a 40s sci fi flick.

Franois M (mx) wrote: Chaplin est un gnie. Tout le monde se doit d'aller voir comment le cinma a t invent. Comment Chaplin arrivait toucher et mouvoir avec du cinma muet. C'est un pur bonheur que de faire ces voyages dans le temps.

Facebook U (gb) wrote: RUSHMORE is able to avoid most "coming of age" story cliches and becomes something with wit and bite. Everything from the performances, to the writing, to the comedy is superb. Not only that, but the film also manages to make all its characters, and I mean ALL, even the more minor ones, feel likable and and unique, and the relationships and tensions between them are amazingly done. It's a movie that displays the positives and negatives of being young and naive in a brilliant manner. Definitely a cult favorite.

Knox M (kr) wrote: Whilst featuring good performances from William Shatner and Malcolm McDowell, the seventh Trek outing goes where none of its predecessors had gone before - the land of weak.

Rodrigo G (fr) wrote: Nunca demais rever.

Laura F (mx) wrote: This is a feel good movie. It will bring sunshine to a dark day and instill hope in an empty heart.

Dustin G (de) wrote: Atlantic City isn't really about anyone, or anything, though it is populated with well drawn characters and features storylines and thems of drug running, murder and starting over. Atlantic City is about Atlantic City. A dirty, cheesy, crumbling low income town at the end of an era, and its era, with the exploits of a few of its inhabitant and visitors taking us from point a to point b and nothing else. It has a great look, great performances, a story which is pretty unoriginal and not overly interesting, but this films more about the feel of the city at a particular time. And as far as that goes, it's a success.