The Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus is based, in part, on Jin Ping Mei, a famous erotic novel of ancient China. Li Han-Hsiang adapted part of the story into this film, which starts with Hsi Men Ching, a successful merchant, wooing Pan Chin Lien, the beautiful wife of one of the townspeople.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   kiss,   hero,  

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The Golden Lotus torrent reviews

Roland S (mx) wrote: nicely understated, although gets a bit silly at the end

Darren C (it) wrote: y did i watch this crap? Austrailian low budget, unknown actors, thats it, im sure ill be the only person ever whos watched this? Absolute utter pants, complete shite!!

Christina S (kr) wrote: just a simple timepass during flight,not many scenes that were very very good...govinda was not bad tho,the plot could have been much much better

Stephanie J (ru) wrote: another good Tim Allen movie

Florence (fr) wrote: Sozinho no seu apartamento desarrumado, Kawajiri Sho (Eita) acordado pelo pai, que no via h dois anos. Traz com ele uma caixa com cinzas de uma tia de Sho, Matsuko, 53 anos, encontrada morta junto ao rio. Assassinada. Sho no sabia da existncia da tia, renegada pela famlia trs dcadas atrs. O pai pede-lhe que limpe o apartamento decrpito de Matsuko, que teve, segundo ele, "uma vida intil". A partir da, e das pessoas que com ele se vo cruzando, Sho acompanha o espectador por vrios flashbacks que ilustram a vida da tia desde a sua infncia.

Euan S (nl) wrote: Its a good documentary. It comes across as being pretty fair and does seem to develop the pros and cons that seem to follow Michael Moore around. I do however find alot of the closed mind, republican views pretty scary. Thank god the democrats one 4 years later.

Joby D (ru) wrote: I tried watching this...really, really bad. Cage should stick to acting -- he's good at it.

Ryan C (us) wrote: What? Not for the faint of heart.

Samuel D (it) wrote: Not Chabrol's best film, but it is still worth seeing. Huppert is flawless as usual. Very Hitchcock.

Tyler S (nl) wrote: This was a pretty silly, cheesy film, but both actors saved the blasphemy with their own dose of comic relief. Steve Martin flies to New York for a job interview with his wife, only to encounter disaster for a small town rural couple. They experience stuff of extreme silliness, but get by with their charm and likability. The movie is predictable but fun in the end. Average comic film.

Corey n (nl) wrote: This is a film that had so much potential but fails to deliver. Based off of the Robert E. Howard books who is famous for his Conan novels. Kevin Sorbo is cast to play Kull in this. He was a good choice for the main role. But they end up making the film much to campy. With the cheesy dialogue and some cheesy F/X and fight sequences in this did not help the film. Sure much like the Conan movies we have our hero go on a quest to stop evil. But many times the movie has a weak script. There are some moments in this movie I liked. But overall too many disappointing moments to really like this fantasy adventure.

Deric T (ru) wrote: I think I've seen most of this

Angela A (nl) wrote: Best Hamlet production I've ever seen. It had a very modernised feel and gorgeous sets.

Mohamed H S (it) wrote: It's a movie where you can find both enjoyment and information about a lot of subjects , I liked the acting even though keira was overacting in some certain scenes but with all other things "very good " movie would be a fair description for it

Kurt S (br) wrote: of course Hollywood ruined it.Classic line"what's Ron's weed room?""It's a big room...Filled with weed...And it's Ron's"

Florian R (ru) wrote: Bizarre , bizarre , ce film . Le personnage de Bernie , est ridicule ,et je n'ai pas aim ce personnage . Le scnario est malin , mais , mon got , pas assez arrang . On voit qu'il cherche son identit dans tout le film , avant une partie totalement hors sujet . Ca reste relativement correct , mais ce film ne me sduit pas . L'atmosphre est grise , un peu louche , mais on ne ressent pas ce sentiment de peur , d'inscurit dans ce film. De plus , les personnages , dont Bernie , sont totalement antipathiques et rend le film beaucoup trop atroce . Du gore , du sang , c'est assez intressent , mais a reste bien trop amorc que l'histoire ne se ressent plus .

Ash M (kr) wrote: Best Roger Moore Bond movie by far. It is quite entertaining.