The Golem

The Golem

In the 16th century, the Jews of Prague face persecution. Rabbi Loew creates a giant golem out of clay, to protect the people. This film should not be confused with director Paul Wegener's with Henrik Galeen 1915 mostly lost film The Golem (Der Golem) which was his first film to explore the myth.

In 16th-century Prague, a Jewish rabbi creates a giant creature from clay, called the Golem, and using sorcery, brings the creature to life in order to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Golem torrent reviews

Brandon T (nl) wrote: A compelling and suspenseful story that lasts!

Nathan C (kr) wrote: Especially after the Alamo Drafthouse pre-show clips of death metal and bloody gothic images, this was quite boring... Borgman, neither the film as a whole nor the character, lives up to the hype.

Moe M (br) wrote: Not bad for a live action TV Movie, the special effects were pretty good.

Dan B (ca) wrote: This was supposed to be a comedy right. Didn't watch the show and won't now.

Max G (ru) wrote: If you are a fan of twisted movies or just a huge fan of Vincent Cassel this is the right movie for you it was well done creepy

Deborah M (jp) wrote: Impressive cast and clever premise but poorly executed; there are just too many holes. A nice twist at the end and Billy Zane's performance is very good.

Joel A (us) wrote: The Documentary I watched years a go in Film School and was always wanting 2 re-watch.The story of Terry Gilliam's battle to bring Don Quixote to the screen and truly everything that could go wrong did go wrong and then some.Plagued with bad weather, ill health of actors, no prep, and any other chaos you can imagine.This is every director's nightmare & a funny & traffic film to watch. Heart-wrenching what he went through, a great documentary.

Barry N (it) wrote: This movie tries to improve off the animated classic, but it just doesn't work.

Mel F (us) wrote: Quite good but dragged in places.

Tim W (us) wrote: Bad, even for an Ahnold movie. It was kind of cute in it's silliness. Like a fish out of water, a fish with big muscles and a funny accent.