The Good Bourgeois

The Good Bourgeois

True story of Brazilian bank clerk who supplied money for the guerilla fighting against the military dictatorship of the 70s. When he changes his disguise, he gets involved with high ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on true story,  

True story of Brazilian bank clerk who supplied money for the guerilla fighting against the military dictatorship of the 70s. When he changes his disguise, he gets involved with high ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel V (br) wrote: How is a movie that is supposed to be a horror/comedy, starring Simon Pegg no less, not funny or scary? This movie starts out promising enough, with it's wacky premise of a dark minded writer who becomes a children's book author turned crime novelist turned serial killer target. Huh? Exactly. In fact the only thing that kept me watching this flick past the halfway mark was Simon Pegg. I figured by that time, I may as well finish it. This movie is disjointed, boring, silly and just plain not entertaining at all. I see a runtime down there of 2 hours and 21 minutes, the one I saw thankfully was 40 minutes shorter than that, because this movie is terrible, absolutely terrible. But I still love you Simon Pegg.

Vadivel P (ru) wrote: wow!.. an unique and excellent thought... though it is light weight... simply portraying kids as lead characters and add heroic and villain flavours to it is what makes it unique... and very intresting.. those who has still not forgotten their childhood days (especially those who are from oors).. they would surely enjoy and appreciate this movie... also lots of intresting directorial touches and creative ideas (do not expect big.. as i already told it is light weight)... for example, "neenga guru" - response to 5 minute advise, national anthem to stop fightings, virtual bike/car drivings and so on.. to add to this some intresting characterizations.. the young couple, bujji kutty, pakkada are real strengths to the script... if you ever wonder what the bgm score would do for the movie?... just watch this... without music there is no build-up, hype, tension, heroism etc... literally no difference who comes on the screen if there is no music... only minus is songs... but thats ok... lot better than lot other movies... a worth watch!!!

Alex H (nl) wrote: I don't remember a thing that happened in this movie. Maybe that's a good thing.

Benot R (es) wrote: J'aime (C)norm (C)ment les films o le silence est quasi total. J'aime aussi quand les plans s'attardent sur les personnages pour tenter de retranscrire au mieux les (C)motions. J'aime encore plus quand l'esth (C)tisme est travaill (C). Chez Ceylan, je retrouve tout a. Bizarrement, j'ai pens (C) du Tarkovski sur la forme, avec notamment des plans qui me rappellent des oeuvres du cin (C)aste russe. J'ai aussi de la sympathie pour les deux acteurs, Ceylan lui-mme et sa femme. Et pourtant, j'accroche pas, il y a quelque chose qui coince. L'histoire ne me parle pas. Ce couple dans un amour - d (C)samour (C)ternel, jamais en phase. On se demande comment il a pu durer. Des longs plans, oui, mais pour montrer quoi au final? Pour expliquer quoi? Film de jolie manire, c'est d (C)j bien. Mais pouvoir raconter, c'est encore mieux. Et le problme, c'est qu'il n'y a rien dire, une histoire triste, dont on sait d'avance qu'elle se terminera mal entre une jeune femme attendant que l'homme s'engage alors que celui-ci se r (C)vle amant et menteur. S'en rend-il compte la fin lorsque finalement, il s'en va. Mais n'est-ce pas avoir jou (C) une nouvelle fois avec les sentiments de cette femme aprs tre revenu pour tenter de la r (C)cup (C)rer? Bref, beaucoup de jolies choses sur la forme, les acteurs, la manire de filmer, mais pour pas grand chose en fin de compte, puisque en fin de compte, mme les variations de saison, je n'ai pas pu y trouver une quelconque logique...

Brianna E (kr) wrote: I love Julia Stiles. :)

Simon D (ca) wrote: Surely an important illustration of the dark side to Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba as this film is about how artists and homosexuals were treated, in particular Reinaldo Arenas, of whom this is a biopic. This had one major drawback for me, the film contains several sections of dialogue in unsubtitled Spanish. I don't speak Spanish so these parts were lost on me and I'm sure many others.

Anna M (it) wrote: i just love thiss muveeeeeeeeeeeeeee ohh migod amazing muvee..

jason y (ru) wrote: a realy good classic 80s b movie. i loved it then and still love it now.

Andrew D (fr) wrote: Eerie, moody, quiet, unsettling, subtle, beautiful, creepy. You never know what's going to happen, which leads to some genuinely scary scenes. The direction and cinematography are fantastic. No answers are given, which can be frustrating or terrifying, depending on the viewer. I'd have to see it again, but it feels like a masterpiece. See it if you're a fan of Peter Weir, David Lynch, The Virgin Suicides (clearly inspired by this film), Kubrick, or There Will Be Blood.

bernard a (mx) wrote: I must admit that I guessed the outcome of this story once all the pieces fell into place for me. If viewed as a sort of modern day fable - I felt the outcome was all but inevitable. It didn't make the film any less enjoyable for me though - I liked it a lot. It's a noir with a twisted WWII spin. It's also a lesson in the 3 R's from director Fred Zinnemann (HIGH NOON) - Revenge, Revelations and Redemption. Frank Enley (Van Heflin) is a former bomber pilot who seems to be adapting well to life after the war. He is married to a beautiful wife, Edith (Janet Leigh) and raising a 2 year old bouncing baby boy. They live in a nice suburban neighborhood. His home construction business is doing quite well in the postwar economy. The only thing wrong with this picture-perfect scenario is that a man is stalking Frank?for the purpose of killing him. The stalker is Joe Parkson (Robert Ryan) and Frank was actually expecting him to show one day. Both men once served as crew members of a bomber. The bomber was shot down and Frank and Joe were captured and spent the final year of the war in a Nazi prison camp. It is what happened in the prison camp that sets into motion the plot of the film? Zinnemann builds the suspense nicely. An injury causes Joe to drag his right foot and scape the ground as he walks. Sometimes you cannot see Joe? but you can certainly hear him coming like some sort for mad animal. When Frank realizes that Joe is closing in on him - all he can do is?RUN!!! Nice performances all around. Robert Ryan is particularly creepy as Joe the stalker. A young-looking Janet Leigh (12 years before Hitchcock's PSYCHO) as the worried turned paranoid wife - wondering what in hell is going on with her husband. Mary Astor is here too as Pat, a concerned prostitute trying to assist the down-and-out Frank when he flees to Los Angeles. Pat suggests a drastic solution to Frank's problems - but the solution may turn out worse than the problem. Nice L.A. location shooting too including views of the Angel's Flight railway. 8

Dingleberry P (it) wrote: Apart from a single good twist, this is clich-ridden, badly scripted garbage.

Dann M (us) wrote: The supernatural thriller Embrace of the Vampire is an inane and pointless remake. The story follows a college student named Charlotte who receives an athletic scholarship to an elite college, but things get complicated when she discovers that she's a vampire hunter. The writing is awful, as the plot barely makes sense and the characters have no depth. Additionally, lead actress Sharon Hinnendael has no charisma, nor does she have any chemistry with her co-stars. While it try to do something new with the source material, Embrace of the Vampire is just as poorly made as the original.

Jim M (jp) wrote: Saw it in the IMAX for the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises, turns out it's a great film