The Good Cop

The Good Cop

A crew of young, small-time crooks screws up. Ripping off a shipping container of Chinese silk for a Rasta gang, they also come away with two and a half kilos of heroin belonging to the Latvian mafia. A friend of theirs, Jens (Kim Bodnia), a plainclothes cop, tries to mediate, but instead all barrels are turned on him. The Latvians and the Chinese want him. Jamaican dope growers, ice-cold Serbian heroin dealers and Polish human smugglers are gunning for him. And to top it all off, he also has to dodge his fellow officers, backed by the scuba corps and elite-forces soldiers, to save his young friends.

A gang of small-time crooks screws up. Ripping off a Chinese shipping container, they find heroin belonging to Latvian mafia. A friend of theirs, a nice cop, tries to mediate, acting in good faith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vikram K (ru) wrote: Why are children directed so badly in Hindi films? The songs are detrimental to the film. Juhi is a delight as usual. Bachchan is predictable. A few good moments...

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Aimie M (ag) wrote: a fave when i was younger

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