The Good Earth

The Good Earth

The story follows Wang Lung (Paul Muni), a humble farmer, who makes an arranged marriage to a slave, O-Lan (Luise Rainer). The couple's great struggle is to procure--and then, against withering odds, keep--a piece of land, ownership of which makes the difference between self-determination and near-slavery. The film's physical production is truly eye-filling, with location shooting in China providing exterior shots and backdrops (and blending seamlessly with the footage shot in the U.S.). No wonder the great cinematographer Karl Freund won an Oscar for the photography, which includes an awesomely staged locust plague.

The story of a farmer in China: a story of humility and bravery. His father gives Wang Lung a freed slave as wife. By diligence and frugality the two manage to enlarge their property. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elton G (mx) wrote: It's kinda fun because of the cheesy moments and some bursts of creativity, but it's bogged down by thin character writing, a generic plot, and a boring 1st and 2nd act. There's some excitement to be had in the 3rd act, however.

Emmanuelle D (es) wrote: trs juste, trs mouvant, allez y!!

Alaine B (es) wrote: OK, I could watch Morgan Freeman read a phone book and be happy, so any stars I give this film are influenced by his being in it. It's a fairly light thing about a connection that builds between two people in an afternoon. Both their lives change, but gently. Only an hour and fifteen minutes long.

Barry L (es) wrote: Very good film. Worth a watch.

Mark H (jp) wrote: you dont really need to watch more than 10 mins before you kinda know what the whole film will be like, very average and not that funny

Tania H (ag) wrote: Love Harvey Keitel, but am not sure about this movie.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Another 80's film done really well. Very funny.

Jairo A (au) wrote: To me, ANOES5:The Dream Child is not a bad movie but it disappoints overall. The whole child/kid idea is not a bad one but the way it was done didn't impress me. And the scene where Freddy is defeated is pretty lame. Meh...Average movie with some good parts. 5/10 OR 2.5/5

James M (br) wrote: Films that focus on the psychedelic side of the 60's are always something that will leave most people scratching their heads at some point, with linear thought not a major concern of the film-makers. But this sexploitation attempt at doing so will more likely leave you bored out of your skull! The basic plot, if you can call it such, is about a group of 9-to-5 workers, who spend their weekends getting high on LSD and having body-painting sex orgies at the lake. That is, when they don't go looking for a giant white pyramid of LSD and end up trapped inside by "the devil." No, really. That's the story here. Director Byron Mabe is no stranger to the sexploitation genre. His work on films like "A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine" and "The Head Mistress," while certainly not award-winning material, at least had some of the sleazy and entertaining charms one expects of this brand of film. With this one he over-reaches his bounds, as the attempts to marry the drug culture to soft-core porn is a mix that just does work here. None of the characters ever really get developed. You don't really learn enough about anyone to care or understand what's going on with them. In fact, only the script seems to outdo them in the underdevelopment department. If there was some kind of coherent plot here, I surely missed it. Nothing in this film gels together. One scene we're watching them get high and frolic at the beach, then someone is killed, and then we go to the white pyramid. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. The camera work isn't all that great, as we get "treated" to an over use of looped segments of the gang riding on motorcycles and scenes that just drag on way too long, or pathetic attempts at being psychedelic, with some swirling colors and the like. Really, it's like they just took every tired clich of these kinds of films, slapped in some boobies jiggling around, and called it good. At just around an hour long, it easily feels four time that in length as you are watching it. Even the ample curves of the delicious Pat Barrington can do nothing to make this piece of garbage watchable. The fact half the cast of this film never did any others after it, I think pretty much says all that needs to be said about the quality and worthwhile value of this bomb. Heck, I don't even think getting stoned could help you to enjoy this pointless and pandering mess. It is possible to make an interesting as entertaining psychedelic film. "The Acid Eaters," however, will never be one of them. It is a blatant and obvious cash-in on the drug culture of the times, that does nothing to advance any insights into it and only insults the intelligence of the audience that watches it. I really can't say enough about how horrible this movie is. It really gives stoners a bad name... even worse than the one they already have. Avoid this turkey at all costs, as I'm pretty sure it'll do more to damage your brain cells than actual LSD will.

Sean C (au) wrote: I think this movie doesn't really live up to the hype tat accompanies it, but I still thought it was a good film. The pacing is totally different from what people, especially in North America are used to, but that what I think makes it work.

Sherry R (nl) wrote: I don't care what the professional critics say, this was a good supernatural thriller.

Daniel G (jp) wrote: This film was filled with psychological suspense, intrigue and action. With twists and turns and an outstanding ending I would recommend this one to anyone who likes movies with thrills and chills. This film was masterfully done.

Richard L (nl) wrote: The trailer was made to look like an horror movie but it really is an horror comedy. It takes off slowly mostly because of uneven performances from experienced actors playing disappointing stock characters. When the action and the special effects kick in, it eventually gets interesting, yet insufficiently

Jonathan C (it) wrote: Cute film with some sweet moments, but it fails to bring anything new to the table in the "chick-flick" genre.

Alexis C (es) wrote: this is a lot funnier than I expected. and it's exactly what it is a funny guy road trip...with them being strippers.