The Good Mother

The Good Mother

After finding a sexually liberated boyfriend, a divorced woman gets sued over daughter's custody, by her ex, who claims that her lover has a bad influence on the kid.

A divorced mother may lose custody of her young daughter to her ex-husband after he learns that the little girl crawled into bed with the mother and her boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (ca) wrote: As a Metallica concert film, this isn't bad. The band has really gone through some effort to return to it's roots, and the show is about 85% material from their first three albums ... and they do pretty good versions of these songs. All things considered, I'd rather just be listening to the albums, but this is an entertaining if not very exciting show. The really elaborate, gimmicky stage show they have rigged up is mildly engaging, but I get the sense that it would be more impressive in person than it is on film. Where this film really crashes and burns is on the entirely unnecessary and pointless plot line that is interspersed with the live footage. Dane DeHaan plays a roadie who is sent out during the show to receive some package the band really needs. He encounters rioting, destruction, fire, demonic horseman ... and it's all totally dull and pointless. At the very end of the show, some destruction that's loosely connected to the fictional plot line causes the band to abandon their intricate stage show and to play a last song just huddled together as a group on a normal stage. James Hetfield says this reminds him of their garage and "Kill 'em All", and they play "Hit the Lights". Yeah, guys ... exactly. Throughout this movie you come off as a cross between Alive-era Kiss and Led Zeppelin from "The Song Remains the Same". I don't dislike either of these bands, but the suit doesn't really fit Metallica very well.

Sam M (fr) wrote: Boring. Takes over an hour for the story to pick up.

bill s (fr) wrote: The subject matter really means little because this movie is too generic to really care about.

Shubhi Y (ru) wrote: worst movie.....i don't understand why the call it comedy movie....

Thomas M (mx) wrote: While this doc is a little slow and some of the bands you wish they excluded, some of the bands and their performances are really inspiring! Great performances by Mudhoney, Gas Huffer, Fastbacks, and Love Battery. I just wish they showed more scenes of the bands performing.

Brett C (es) wrote: Terms of Endearment is a film that I had no clue on whether or not it would appeal to me. After seeing it twice I can safely say that for the most part, the film made an impression and it is hard to nitpick on a film that is directed so well that seeing it's flaws did make me feel awful. Objectively, the film does have it's flaws but it's a flaw that I felt that was only raised due to my personal tastes.The film is based on a book by Larry McMurtry and the screenplay was written by James L. Brooks. I have not read the novel so I do not know how much it stays faithful to the source material but for the most part I can say that Brooks has written something beautiful. The film travels through the moments of these characters lives whether they are positive or negative, and the timeline span is quite huge. The film jumps from year to year, which felt spontaneously but that could have resolved if the film spends more time at that moment, but running the risk of feeling to overbloated and long. This does end up making the film feel very episodic and it may not be an approach that would appeal to everyone as some would prefer a flowing experience of these people's lives. Brooks wants us to experience the lives of both Aurora and Emma and not have us be focused on a plot in driving the film forward. This episodic approach does at times do make the film feel draggy and honestly a certain time period could have been a film on it's own if explored long enough. The highlight of the film is the relationship between Aurora and Garrett as the clashing of both personalities just brings out moments of humor and surprisingly at times warmth and happiness.James L. Brooks also directed this film and I must say that he has done a magnificent job. Brooks' direction is the reason that the film doesn't feel like going through the same motions again and again because he doesn't fill the film entirely with one note. There are times where you may feel like you are about to shed a tear and there are moments that would make you laugh, and because the film allows us to look into their lives in a natural and lengthy approach, it doesn't let the moments of humor and melodrama feel forced. There were moments where it might land on heavy sentimental territory but Brooks' balance with humor buffers that tone. This was Brooks' first film and what a great way to start off his directorial career by winning Best Picture and Best Director at the Oscars.The film's director of photography was Aandrzej Bartkowiak and he has worked on some notable films later on like Falling Down and Speed. Terms of Endearment was one of his early films and what he has done for Brooks' film is that he gave the picture a warm tone and has a soft look to it. The film's warm tone definitely a major apparatus in conveying the light heartedness that drives the film and it also allows the film to feel accessible. Brooks and Bartkowiak has opted to use an abundance of close-ups as the film is drama centered and the film primarily focuses on the characters reactions and feelings towards certain things, the expressions on the actor's faces makes this film feel wonderful and most importantly natural.The film's score is composed by Michael Gore and if I had to describe his work for this film in a nutshell, it would be beautiful. The score is driven with this light piano sound and it goes back and forth to being sad and cheerful, which kind of a great representation of life. Michael Gore doesn't seem to be working lately but he has worked on notable films like Fame and, a personal favorite of mine, Pretty In Pink. Gore's work here is definitely a standout and is a central key in having us laugh or cry throughout this film.This film has a stellar cast with almost all of the key players being nominated for their performances. Debra Winger was fantastic who starts off as being young, quirky and adorable to a matured, experienced and endearing person. The evolution of her character is amazing and that I really believed that she went through everything that was shown on screen. Shirley MacLaine won Best Actress for this film and it was well deserved though competing against her co-star was a tough one. I personally think that Debra deserved the award but I cannot say that MacLaine's performance doesn't deserve any accolades. MacLaine was able to shine throughout the entire film as she is at her best when she has someone to challenge with in a scene, so all of the moments where she is with Debra Winger or Jack Nicholson, it brought out the best of her. Jack Nicholson is not the focus of this film but he does make quite an impression in this film and I was also surprised he was able to come off as sweet and likable as my experience with his films are usually him playing someone frightening or intimidating. Jeff Daniels was not given the attention he deserved for this film, in my opinion he gave an award winning performance and he was able to come off as likable and sympathetic even after everything he has caused. John Lithgow was also great though his role was quite short. This film is a type of film that challenges and brings out the capabilities of an actor and each cast member have shown off their most outstanding of performances here in this film.Terms of Endearment is not perfect in my eyes but it gets a lot of things right that it would be horrible decision to pass it up. James L. Brooks' wonderful direction and Michael Gore's score will have you laughing and crying from start to finish, and acting performances that will have you caring for the characters and the troubles and joys that they go through.

Cassandra M (jp) wrote: The plot is very simple but very effective to provoke some chills; a young woman inherits a mansion from her deceased aunt with the condition that she has to take care of her black cat. The young woman is in the necessity of a home mainly because of financial situations so she accepts and invites her friends to live with her. When they arrive to the house they start to hear strange things and also feel like there's a negative vibe. Also, in the house lives the old maid who took care of the deceased aunt. She advertises the young women that the cat is the owner of the house and that they had to take special care on him. They ignore the warning and even remove him from his bedroom. The cat gets on the nerves of everyone and things start to get bad when they decide that the cat shouldn't have that many benefits.One day, the cat is found dead for no apparent reason. He's found in the cellar. After that tragic event, hell breaks loose on the house. One by one these girls are getting murdered by an unseen figure and the negative vibe grows strongly on the house. Who could be behind the murders? Could it be that the aunt is back from the grave to avenge the death of her beloved cat?Join these girls in a terrific tale of secrets, ghosts, and mysteries.**SPOILERS** I love this movie because it goes directly to the point. It tells you the events in such a manner that truly grabs your attention and makes you wonder in fear what will happen next. The plot is simple but it gets more interesting when it's explained that the cat was actually "murdered" by three of the girls. When that is explained, you are in front of a ghost revenge flick that will send shivers up to your funny bone. It's a classical ghost story but it's managed in a way that it's interesting and scary. The direction is perfect. Taboada knows perfectly how to create a creepy atmosphere (indoors and outdoors the house) and how to create tension before something "strong" is about to happen. The cinematography is also excellent. The combination of dark and light is great! and works perfect for the big, old house. The score works and is genuinely chilling. The acting is also great! Islas delivers a solid performance. The same goes for the rest of the cast. The house keeper also delivers a creepy but solid performance. Excellent cast. The death scenes are great. There is tension among them and there is even gore! Violence is minimal but still good. The movie relies part of it's creepiness on some freeze frame scenes where something is discovered (like Dosamante's dead body hanging on the school's library). Also, Mendez death is something to remember.My favorite moment is when the aunt makes presence. The scenes are genuinely scary and well done.Please, watch this movie because it is surely scary and very well done. I strongly recommend you to watch it if you're in the mood to get scared. This is how Mexican Horrors movies should be made nowadays!My respect for you, Mr. Toboada. You really know how to create a scary movie.Something that has great importance for me is that the women in the movie are extremely hot! I'm sorry but I have to comment on it. Claudia Islas, Helena Rojo, Susana Dosamantes, and the super sexy Lucia Mendez are the hottest cast in ANY Mexican movie I've seen. Claudia is the mature, beautiful, but strong lead. Helena is the sensual but reserved women. Susana is the classy and hard to get woman. Her beauty is elegant, supreme. But Lucia Mendez steals the show. She was freakin' hot in the movie! She was very young and she knew that she had to show her delicious attributes. Thank you Lucia for wearing those steamy short skirts through all the movie. Also, your beautiful face shined through the movie. She's totally worth the watch.

Jo Y (es) wrote: don't like Chuck Norris.

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 74%Saw this on 31/1/15It's nothing that I haven't seen before, but at times it can work off as a strong anti-alcohol piece. The film has got mostly fine performances from Cage( this guy got an Oscar! WTF?) and Elizabeth Shue. Anyway, it's disappointing that the film has nothing more in it than what any other average critically acclaimed dark romantic drama can give.

Jason K (mx) wrote: MUCH BETTER Than Shrek the Third But Not As Good As The first Two