The Good Student

The Good Student

When Ally, a popular teen and local celebrity goes missing, her small suburban town erupts in panic.

A unpopular high school teacher turns his life around after a student is kidnapped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy J (br) wrote: This film is an great addition to the developing library of the tensions and developments in Europe during the post World War and Cold War era. The acting is stellar. The attention given to detail is superb. And the historical accuracy is top notch. The movie develops slowly but but captured and kept my attention all throughout.

Jacky C (us) wrote: This film is intended for kids, but it seems to move into more adult territory here and there. The animation seems more suited to a weekly cartoon show, rather than a straight to dvd animated film. One of DC's weaker animated films.

Michael L (au) wrote: A fascinating idea for a documentary. Unfortunately, instead of delving into the history and unfathomable nature of anti-semitism, director Levin instead spends an hour and a half going around arguing with anti-semitics, and at the same time showing indications of intolerance for different religions and beliefs himself.

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Steven H (fr) wrote: the better half of the duel project.

Jude L (gb) wrote: can i please have the two hours plus back of my life that i wasted watching this movie?

Austin F (gb) wrote: 31% Not even Angelina Jolie, despite her perfect portrayal as Lara Croft can save this sloppy mess from putting you to sleep with boring action, uneven pacing, thin characters, and a dumb plot.

Paul N (gb) wrote: An early Pierece Brosnan action flick which is completely lacking in action, has a predictable and small scale plot about a factory being built in his city, and just fails to impress in any way.Unless you got nothing better going on stay away.

regina l (kr) wrote: good ol' magical movie

Ricky T (es) wrote: Not as great as other Connery 007 entries but an improvement over "You Only Live Twice."

daniel m (mx) wrote: good comedy with romance that couples or family can enjoy. Main guy from Rudy flexing all the time along with pot smoking, dolphin trainer Rob Schneider help drew and adam turn the film into 5star classic. Instead of taking advantage of Barrymore that forgets everything prior to an accident, Sandler thinks outside the box to not only win her heart daily but keep her forever.

Alberto C (au) wrote: A Really beautiful work, to me, Forrest Gump is a representation that everyone is equal and the film tells it in a different way. really recommend it.

Keenan S (gb) wrote: It's probably been 20 years since I first watched Jurassic Park as a little kid. Like many others, I have many fond memories of this film (Though perhaps I was a bit too young to be watching a film that is rather terrifying for children). Then again, what kind of asshole doesn't like Jurassic Park? It's one of the best blockbusters ever made, and remains forever rewatchable without getting old because of its lasting power on viewers to thrill, scare, and leave you on the edge of your seat.Even as an adult, the prospect of watching a film with dinosaurs remains as enamoring and joyous as ever because these types of films bring out the little kid in all of us. Hell, I even enjoy The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III (Even with the ridiculous gymnast scene and hypocritical environmentalist messages in The Lost World and Tea Leoni's nails-on-chalkboard screaming in Jurassic Park III) and I always will enjoy those rather divisive entries of the Jurassic Park series.So, when a fourth entry was announced, I was absolutely ecstatic even with the possibility of being burned by a bad franchise entry (Oh, the pain of A Good Day To Die Hard and Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull...the pain. *Lies in fetal position in corner and cries like a little girl*). So excited was I, that the only film I was more excited and dying to see in theaters in 2015 was Mad Max: Fury Road (A fucking amazing film and one of my favorites of the decade). Not even a new Star Wars film was capable of topping my excitement of a new Jurassic Park film (Sorry, Star Wars. As much as I love you and as much I would enjoy The Force Awakens...move the fuck over! It's a new Jurassic Park flick!).As you can see by my rating, I was not disappointed by Jurassic World. While purists will always scoff at this film for not being as good as Jurassic Park and bemoan how silly it is, Jurassic World is the best entry of the series since the original film and it has now become a cherished film for me that much like the original, will be forever rewatchable and ass-kicking. So, with the orgasmic John Williams score for Jurassic Park playing in the background to get me in the mood for writing this review, let me tell you why I love Jurassic World.It's been over 20 years since the events of Jurassic Park, and from the ashes of the original park, a new park - Jurassic World - has been established on the same island of Isla Nublar and has become a popular resort and tourist attraction with the latest high-tech equipment.The story revolves around multiple characters, and early on, we are introduced to brothers, Zach and Gray. Their parents are going through a divorce, and before they split up, the boys are sent to Jurassic World for a vacation and to see their aunt, Claire, who is an operations manager at the facility. Gray is excited to see the dinosaurs and the sights, while Zach is mostly bored and annoyed that he has to babysit his brother.Another main character in the plot is Claire, who as the operations manager of the facility spends much of her time trying to recruit new investors in the park and find new ways to increase visitor turnout. One of the new attractions is a new dinosaur created from a myriad number of D.N.A. sources called the Indominus Rex. However, the exhibit has had to delay the opening of the new exhibit because of the dinosaur's troubling behaviors, like eating a companion created for it and trying to break through the reinforced glass.The last of the main characters is Owen a Navy veteran, who works as a trainer for the velociraptors. Owen is pestered by Vic Hoskins, who works for InGen and is trying to get the raptors trained for military purposes to send in combat zones instead of soldiers (Despite Owen explaining how incredibly stupid this plan is, like asking what would happen if they forgot to feed the raptors).In preparation for the opening of the Indominus Rex exhibit, Claire approaches Owen at the behest of her boss to provide feedback about the new dinosaur and how to possibly handle it, which is partly strained not only Owen's objection to a freakish new dinosaur creation, but also the fact that he and Claire had a brief fling, further complicating matters. But, he agrees to come and observe the new dinosaur.However, things are amiss when they get to the exhibit and Claire is unable to find the dinosaur in its paddock via heat sensor, and discovers troubling signs like claw marks on the walls of the paddock, making them believe that it has possibly escaped. Claire drives back to the command post, while Owen and a couple workers explore the paddock, trying to figure out if the dinosaur has escaped.But during her drive back, Claire gets troubling news from the command post that the dinosaur is in fact, still in its paddock according to its tracking device. Unfortunately for Owen and the workers, this is discovered to be correct when the dinosaur emerges from hiding and kills one of the workers. When the gate to the paddock is opened, all hell breaks loose when the dinosaur escapes, wreaking havoc not only on other dinosaurs, but also the park visitors.Meanwhile, during their exploration of the park (And ditching Claire's appointed babysitter), Zach and Gray have wandered into a restricted area with the gyrospheres, only to get caught up in the ensuing disaster as well.Now, the boys, Claire, and Owen must find a way to stop the Indominus Rex and survive against the dinosaur's cunning abilities thanks to its mixture of genetic sources.The story is undeniably silly and filled to the brim with bizarre plot holes (How does this park have WORSE security measures than the original park? Why is the door to the Indominus Rex paddock big enough to fit the damn dinosaur through? How does one start a Jeep that has been sitting around for 20+ years?), but it manages to still be a rather entertaining ride.Not only that, but the story itself is more clever than what people give it credit for, thanks to its rather sly meta humor about product placement ("Verizon Wireless presents: the Indominus Rex," quips Claire at one point in the film) as well as throwing jabs at people who are going to complain that the film isn't scientifically-accurate when Dr. Wu explains how the dinosaur came to be. It's also genuinely funny at certain points, particularly with scenes between Owen and Claire.In short, the story is utterly preposterous, but also entertaining both unintentionally (The Indominus Rex can not only camouflage itself, but is also part raptor - SPOILERS) and also in its interesting satire it throws in every now and then to viewers who pay attention. Its more intelligent than it lets on, but still very stupid nonetheless...but in a good way. It has the aura of a script filled with ideas pitched to the writers by 10-year-olds...and I love it for that.The acting is also rather solid across the board. Chris Pratt as Owen makes for a charismatic, entertaining, and funny action hero which plays quite nicely. Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire works well as a stuck up workaholic, but proves to be rather charming and funny, too, when she wants to be. I must also give props to the actors playing the children - Ty Simpkins as Gray and Nick Robinson as Zach - for also delivering good performances, being likable, and never being annoying unlike the curse that befalls many child characters in these sorts of blockbusters.As a popcorn action flick, Jurassic Park delivers most splendidly, complete with all the trimmings and fancy special effects to be expected from a $150 million budget. It contains all the dinosaur mayhem one could ever want from a flick, including a glorious showdown between *SPOILERS* the Indominous Rex, raptors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Mosasaurus bringing out the child-like joy from any viewer who isn't a completely pretentious, un-fun shithead. I don't want to know that person who can't get a kick out of that scene. If you can't at least enjoy that scene, you're not worth watching films with.Needless to say, if you're an action fan, Jurassic World delivers the goods in plentiful helpings to satisfy your cravings.Overall, while Jurassic World will never top Jurassic Park, it's still a damn fine popcorn flick and one that I am sure to watch many times for the remainder of my life. It's well-directed, action-packed, well-acted, and above all else, a hell of a good time. Thank you, Jurassic World for all the unpretentious fun you have gifted me, and I greatly look forward to Jurassic World 2.