The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

A cemetery keeper and security guard team up to foil the activities of a syndicate that made the cemetery their hideout..

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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly torrent reviews

Aravind V (jp) wrote: Must appreciate director for taking this story. Excellent screenplay

Rahima D (au) wrote: predictable story, good action and fight scenes, great songs, beautiful locations... overall good time pass movie...

Scott H (kr) wrote: Awesome, amazing cinematography

Thomas S (it) wrote: He getting old for this but man this was a Ok film but his one liner was awesome

Mihai D (it) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie. The fighting scenes are so legit and awesome. None of that 3D Kung-Fu screaming bullshit.

Dorianator F (fr) wrote: Pretty good movie, had some very funny parts, I liked the style, it had some good music. But it was very disorganized.

Vic M (br) wrote: A treat for us Floyd Fanatixs!

Andy F (us) wrote: Kevin Bacon and Brad Renfro gave two of the most overlooked performances of 1997 in the fantastic [i]Telling Lies in America[/i]. The screenplay is rich and full of vibrant characters, and the actors that bring them to life make them even more interesting. The film is set in Cleveland in 1960 as Bacon plays radio DJ personality Billy Magic, a man on the verge of losing it all until he gets one last shot. Fast forward one year later where he has redeemed himself to full success introducing the locals to the newest popular music and becoming an idol to the many teenagers that tune in. No one admires him more than Renfro's Karchy Jonas, whose real name is Chuck but he loathes it so he gave himself a deserving nickname. He plays a Catholic school student who is virtually friendless and keeps to himself, this is due to the fact that he is poor and a Hungarian immigrant. He's very determined to achieve the goal of becoming someone as great as Billy Magic as he wakes up every morning looking into the mirror and introducing himself as a DJ, but is always tormented by a small speech impedement that controls his pronunciation of only a few words. One of these words is "the", which Karchy finds very inconvenient since it's so common. He soon scams his way into being selected in Billy Magic's "High School Hall of Fame", a drawing that selects one lucky student to come to the station and see how things work. The first time Karchy and Magic meet in the studio is some of the strongest stuff here, they're chemistry is limitless. Magic takes an immediate liking to Karchy and he offers him a paying job. He instantly agrees but soon after finds himself doing scattered and mysterious tasks to which he has little or no knowledge of. The sequences between these two actors are well written by Joe Eszterhas, who based the screenplay on real incidents that happened in his childhood. Every moment of the film is extremely involving. Renfro is a great actor and plays Karchy with a naive sense that is magnificent. Bacon gives his most underrated performance here as a man whose head is so clouded with dollar signs and corruption thaty he doesn't even know who he is. Other fine actors in the film are Calista Flockhart as the older object of Karchy's desire, Luke Wilson as his jealous boss, Johnathan Rhys Myers as a school bully, and Maximillian Schell as his dad. One of the most underrated movies of 1997, [i]Telling Lies in America [/i]is something incredible.

Spencer H (jp) wrote: When I started this movie I was not expecting it to be a great movie, and I wan't expecting it to be one of Spielberg's best, but it is. Munich is a masterpiece and is a real thriller, I may say that a lot, but it's so true about this movie. It is well acted, well written and well directed, it is one of Spielberg's best films and I love it so much. Spielberg remains my favorite director and Eric Bana is now one of my favorite actors.

Dirk J (ca) wrote: Cardboard characters, stiff writing, and lack of chemistry make this movie a sad throw back.

Sean G (es) wrote: Horns has some excellent scenes created by the powers that Daniel Radcliffe's characters gains from growing horns but the plot is thin and fairly predictable. Radcliffe continues to be very convincing and charismatic post Harry Potter. His choices of films is also very brave and while this film is not particularly well made its main premise is off the wall and very original.

Shane D (jp) wrote: It's good to see Eastwood duke it out with a Malkovich nearing his prime. Some of this hasn't stood the test of time, particularly the relationship between Eastwood and Russo, but Malkovich's turn is great and as an early 90's political thriller, it's prett-y good.